Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Live blogging the SOTU...

In the television age, this is the real-life made for tv special. The ultimate reality show.

Barack gets the applause that the POTUS should get. As he should...

Good introduction. Opening strong. He can speak...

9:12 - he's laying out that we've got some challenges... but that our union remains strong. He's laying out the real problems we have in small town America and what fears and anxieties people really do have.

9:14 - change has not come fast enough. Some are angry. He's going right at it. Why do Wall Street bankers get billion dollar bonuses and small main street businesses go broke? He needs to IMHO get right at the problem: Washington.

9:15 - The ability to give our children a better life. It's what Americans want. He's playing at the idea of the American Dream. GET UP!!!!!!! It's on! He's going right at what I pointed out last night! WHOOT!

9:17 - OUR UNION IS STRONG. We do not give up. We don't quit. We don't allow fear or division to break our spirit!

9:17 - he's going right after the economy. Good job, POTUS, that's the key issue here. Americans hate the bailout. They hate what Wall Street and the Banks caused.

9:19 - POTUS says we've recovered most of money we spent on banks. What sucks imho is that a bunch went to executives as bonuses.

9:20 - GOP won't get on up. They're typically owned by big banks and wall street. They know this is bad politics, but re-elections cost money... POTUS talking about taxes that were cut. He cut and cut and cut. For 8 million Americans. Boo-Yah. The GOP can't applaud it, but you know they want too.

9:22 - POTUS is going to hit right at it. The recovery act made it possible. The stimulus was government existing to do what the people can't do as well for themselves. It passed by such a broad bipartisan coalition it would cover most of the grand canyon. It did create business and work and jobs and it's still creating them.

9:24 - there are people who don't have work. Who have heard nothing. Jobs are what we need. The engine of America is the people who work... and those who fight for their families every day... Government needs to create an environment where small businesses can thrive. Where entrepreneurs are rewarded...

9:26 - POTUS proposes taking money repaid by Wall Street to fund credit to small businesses. Of course the GOP is scared to hear this. Small Business tax credit - a GOP idea from way back, and the GOP can't support it? Wow. Eliminate Cap Gains on Small Business... OMG HERE COME THE ELEPHANTS!!!!!!!!

9:28 - POTUS is going to Tampa. Recovery Act is building a new high speed rail! WHOOT! Cut the tax breaks for those who ship jobs overseas! Shit he sounds like a REPUBLICAN! WOW!

9:30 - I want a jobs bill. But this won't make it all up. Let's lay a new foundation for long term growth. No more economic expansion. The lost decade was... well, weird. People lost money while costs went up and up. Prosperity was built on BS in the last decade. True. Washington has been telling people to wait. Other nation's aren't waiting. So why are we? Go get 'em POTUS!

9:32 - I do not accept second place for the United States of America!

9:33 - it's time to get serious about reform. Let's fix the banks. Investments. It's got problems. It's reckless. We can't allow risks that effect the whole economy. Lobbyists are trying to kill the 'fixes'. They can't do this. POTUS is gonna stip it. Get on up GOP! why is that wrong?

9:34 - American Innovation - Energy. We're getting it on. We need more incentives. More clean energy. More safe Nuke Power plants. New offshore development. Bio Fuels, Clean Coal technology.... And yes, it means passing a climate and energy bill. Go get it. He's laying down the foundation for a fight.

9:37 - if we lead the clean energy economy, we'll lead the global economy. We must be that nation. And WHAT...

9:37 - we need to export more. Sell more of our stuff so we can make more and get more jobs here in America. Yeah that's right on.

9:39 - Skills. Invest in our people.

9:42 - no one should go broke because some want to go to college.

9:43 - We need health insurance reform. And damn right we do. Because people are dying and going broke trying to deal with it. POTUS says he took on health care because it's needed.

9:47 - our probs aren't going away. More are losing health insurance. Premiums are going up. We turn a blind eye to this? Why? POTUS won't walk away from these Americans - and neither should the people in this chamber. Go ahead and get on up republicans!

9:50 - this ish was going on before I became POTUS... now let's fix it. Let's tighten the belt and do what we have to do and sacrifice what we don't. Here comes the VETO!

9:53 - WASHINGTON GIMMICK! WHOOT! Call out DC! The system downtown on the hill is broken. Senate says NO? POTUS says YES via EXECUTIVE ORDER! TAKE THAT!

9:55 - Rather than fight same old fights, let's try something new. Let's invest in our people and try common sense. To do we need to face the deep doubts that are causing the problems in DC.

9:57 - Lobbyists need to b called out. SCOTUS is POTUS' bitch now and COTUS is about to get the bitch slap! RESTORE TRUST! BE OPEN MOTHAEFFAS! POST THIS ISH AND LETS BE OPEN! Oh... now you all get up??!

10:00 - I'm not naive, both parties have issues, and there are differences, but it's just getting silly. Why are we playing the game of brinksmanship. Both parties. POTUS is saying THIS IS BS.  This stuff has stopped us from helping the American People. It's sowing the seeds of division.

10:02 - We need to govern. Dems - people expect us to solve problems. Repubs - if you insist that 60 votes are required for business, than the responsibility to govern is your problem as well... He just called them out! GOOD JOB!

10:03 - Security. We raisin' up. our troops comin' home. 2011. And what. We will reward good government. Afgans are good peeps. We gotta back 'em and help 'em. We're taking the fight to this fool Osama. POTUS is ending this war.

10:09 - I got this International thing ya'll...

10:12 - america must always stand on side of dignity.

10:13 - dont ask. dont tell. It's done!

10:14 - our values are what drive us. When pundits, politicians, etc, make this stuff crazy, it creates cynicism. Some Americans are questioning that now. POTUS said that change wouldn't be easy. He never said it could be done alone. When you try to do big things and make big changes, you stir controversy. We can either play safe and avoid telling hard truth and do what we have to do to keep polls high instead of doing what is best for the people. But had we made these decisions before, we'd not be here. The reason we're here is because we've taken on hard shit before. He's accepting the administrations shortcomings. They're nothing compared to struggles that families have faced. POTUS says he fights on despite this because spirit of optimism and decency lives on.

10:19 - A new year has come. A new decade stretches before us. We don't quit. I don't quit. Lets' seize this moment.

POTUS nailed it.

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