Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quiet introspections on transformations and passions...

Sometimes, on quiet nights like this, when there's much to contemplate and when there's nothing but time, I'll go into Kyla's pretty amazing room here at our place in DC and take a look around at things. I'll hop into her bed, which is full-sized and way comfy and lay back and look at the beautiful idea of Melissa Daddio's which is pretty much all over every wall.

She had this amazing idea to take pics and cut them into small circles and put them in the center of these LP's, which make a pretty amazing frame. And, like pics do, every one tells a story.

There are plenty of us. Of her with friends. Of her with her mom. Of her with Roxie the rock star puppy who is - well - not so much a puppy anymore. As I look around the room, through the silence, I hear the stories of the last almost 6 years of my life.

The last six years of me being in the greatest role I could ever ask to be in.

Being a dad.

It's really the most amazing gig I've ever had. It's not even a job. It's an honor. It's a to have talked to her on mornings like this morning when she had her mom call me on the way to school to say she just heard me on the radio... and to shower me with kisses through the phone. Its a blessing to find the little notes she leaves all around the house from when she's here like the one next to my bed which says "I am her (sic) dad!".

Her is her way of sounding out here. Her spelling will get there, but the intentions of her heart are clear... and pure.

She'll be here this weekend. They have a long weekend off from school. We had thought her mom might even join her, which, while it may seem akward to some and might even piss off some others (LOL), it would probably have been right because - well - for her mom and I - there's not anyone or anything that can come between what we have together for our daughter. I call it the traditional untraditional in modern parenting. Sure, the folkways might call for a more 'traditional two parent' approach, but I am convinced that these so-called rules aren't the necessary guidance for parents who do what is right.

This year was her mom's year to have her for Christmas. She was good enough to let me come down on Christmas morning with a bag full of love and presents for our little one. Of course, as I do, I went overboard. Or did I? I mean, can you really when it comes to the one you love?

That morning at my 'second residence' which is located at the HGI in West Tampa, I wrote a card to my kiddo. I basically told her the truth - at least - as I see it in my mind's eye and in my heart of hearts.

I told her that she is the reason that I work as hard as I do to be the best I can be... and because of her I've been even more blessed in all areas of my life. She makes me who I am and is the motivation I find to press on and to do more when need be. When I need to overcome, I hear her laugh. When I need to take a risk, and ultimately when I need to try to ding the universe - I see a pic of her that she drew and had her mom take a pic of with a #1 drawn on it - a nod to professional success but what I really hope she feels how I am doing as her daddy...

Pretty amazing. Who knew the greatest inspiration I'd ever have in this life which has been full of so many influences and motivations - would be found in the life of a soon-to-be-six-year-old Hannah Montana fan that I helped to create.

I better rest now. Gotta be on in the AM in the City she was born in.... and I want her to hear me at my best. Or as good as I can be.

Goodnight, friends. Thanks for reading.


oh... ps... someone asked me today if the reason I've taken on the challenge and opportunity in Tampa was so that Kyla could hear it. Yup. That's part of it. The other part is because - well - she'd want me to prove it can be done. And the last part is - well - it's fun. :)

Find your fire. See what it can do for the inferno that is your passion and soul...

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  1. Take the world, eat the world, and love the world...good for you ka-nap! Love is a beautiful thang...