Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Once upon a time, there was a station called...

Pirate Radio.

Now, little did I know at the time they were a station playing contemporary hit rock for LA based on the example of a station I would come to work at years past it's revolutionary launch - when it was named after a powerful swine.

But in retrospect, I see the influence of one on the other.

Now, why was this special? Why was it an influence on me?

Simple. It was a place where passionate people made a mark which dented history. And it was a place where our morning guy at WLAN had been for a time.

So when I met him, this veteran of WAVA... of WEGX and of KQLZ... was doing mornings on our station. I was unabashed in letting him know that I knew of his successes. I'm sure he saw it as gratituious ass kissing.

What I learned from him continues to guide me to this day. Without sharing all of what it is that gives me what I see as an advantage, I'll say this - From Cadillac I learned that every minute we do what we do is a chance to make a mark. An opportunity to dent the universe.

And It's something I still strive to do every day.

A former co-worker posted a Cadillac/Toby story on Facebook the other day.

It's one of the great honors of my career to be a part of a story with this man... because the stories of this man's career are the stuff of legend. And if that gets to associate me with it in just a little way, well, then I've had a successful career.

At least in my own opinion.

Here's to the swine that grinds....


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