Monday, January 18, 2010

Ode to In-N-Out (powered by Sominex)

An ode to a fast food burger joint in LA...

In-N-Out, oh your patties of beef!
They call out to me before I sleep.

Savory goodness and tasty fries
they are so perfect in just one size.

Double Double? Double no!
Four by Four is the way to go!

Animal style! Fully involved!
The stuff OFF the menu is for the truly evolved!

So LA cabbie, take me there please!
I so lust after my three by three with cheese!

In-N-Out. Out-N-In.
Yours I am through thick and through thin!

In-N-Out, Oh In-N-Out! Your burgers! Your fries!
It's just too bad for me... you've helped make me so wide!

- fin -

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