Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life Unexpected...

Now, in the interest of disclosure, I'm getting some compensation to do some marketing and endorsing of this new show on the CW, but I've got to tell you - this show that premieres on Monday night on the CW network is just awesome.

"It's something you as a guy could watch with your girl and not feel too bad about watching because it's good," said this one dude at the premiere party we threw tonight. He's not kidding.

This show, based in Portland (I think) tells the story of a 16-year old girl who is in foster care who while seeking emancipation from the seventh of her foster families, goes out looking for her real family, only to find that her dad owns a bar and is an overgrown 30-something frat boy and that her mom is the co-host of the morning show she loves on the local talk radio station in town. Anyway, as life has it, she gets in front of the judge, fails to get the emancipation she wanted, and suddenly finds herself in the temporary joint-legal custody of her mother and father....

... the father who didn't know she existed and the mother who gave her up 16 years ago... when she was 17, because the daughter was a post prom night surprise.

Anyway, there's the usual plot twists, the mom and dad hook up, but eek, the mom is engaged to, well, a pretty key character in the show and in her life daily (think of dipping pen in company ink) the night before she goes in to work on her daughter's birthday, where, later that night she introduces her fiance to her baby daddy and friends at her daughter's party, which, again, happens just hours after the baby mama left the baby daddy's house after a couple of rolls in the hay, if you will.

One of the most pointed scenes reminded me of Kyla. It was when the daughter closed her eyes, made a wish on her cake and blew out her candles. We're not told what she wished. The other dude was there with baby daddy and baby mama, but I have a feeling that her wish was... well...

... it makes me wonder what Kyla's birthday wishes have been. Or wishes on stars. Or whatnot.

Anyway, it's a pretty awesome show. Maybe I'm turning in my man-card for this, but it's cute, romantic, hopeful and fun. In a very believable sort of way. And, I have a feeling this will be one of the best shows to come out of the CW since the network's inception. One of their tags is that "family is the new f-word..."

But the word that comes to mind after seeing the premiere tonight isn't what you'd think. To me, it's fun. And, it reinforces my belief that the non-traditional is the new traditional family these days...

... as long as there's love. Between Mom and the kid. Between the Dad and the kid. And from the kid for both.

It premieres Monday night on the CW. Check your local listings for times.

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