Wednesday, January 27, 2010

if I were advising the President...

On this eve of President Obama's first State of the Union, I'd encourage him to re-take the middle ground.

Poll after poll after the Mass election has shown that this election wasn't a recall on Obama...

... rather it was a resounding EFF YOU to Washington. The majority of Americans right now are over what happens downtown. Thanks to the partisan bickering in Congress - from both sides - people are still out of work, people have no health care and are sick and dying, and nothing is getting for the people aside from those lobbyists who had some sort of agenda backed by cash which influenced legislation in the last year.

I had a friend once who told me that when it came to all things political, there were 10 percent die hard on the right, 10 percent die hard on the left, but the vast majority come from the middle.

President Obama, get back to the center. Lay it out. Call out Congress. While they take global junkets to this place and that place, people don't have jobs. They don't have health care. They don't have hope.

But, I think there's some optimism here.

If the POTUS can get back to the middle tomorrow night, he should then take his message straight to the American people. He should lay it out straight. DC's system is broken, good people have gone to DC only to have their voices either drowned out or changed because of the grip that so many special interests have on the hill... on both sides.

He should go to the American people with his ideas on jobs, the economy, terrorism, and more. He should get out and go from town hall to town hall and make his case. Go door to door, to paraphrase President Andrew Shepard in the "American President" movie....

... just get out of DC... and take it too the streets.

Like life imitating art, people are scared. They're confused. They can't make ends meet and are collecting unemployment checks and welfare checks wondering where the hope that was promised has gone. They're trying to make sense of it all, but they're bombarded from the left and right with this he-said-she-said bulls***t that they ultimately have to turn away from it because the noise is too - outrageous and divisive.

So take the message to the place where the noise from Capital Hill can't drown out the people's message. Hit the road and take it to the people. Get their sense, find their thoughts, make them your own and form a compromise.

Then, get back to DC and make these politicians remember that WE put them into power and that it's to US that they are accountable.

I still believe the President is the man that history has called to lead us at this time. I'm not blind to some stumbles and some mis-steps. I'm not deaf to the rhetoric from both sides. I won't pretend to sugar coat the very present anger of the vast majority of Americans toward both parties. And because of this, I think that the President can overcome these tenuous times.

I'd encourage him to make his case... not to congress, but to the American people.

The people of our union are angry, confused and anxious. They want their elected officials in Washington to fight for them. To help them find a way back to work, to get needed health care, and to make sure they're safe from the reach of terrorists who hate us for being Americans.

Americans know that these are troubled times, but their resolve is steadfast. Their belief that the best days are still ahead for this shining city on a hill are just a sunrise away... and it's with that optimism that the American people press on... fighting to make the dreams of our nation's promise come true.

Powered by the American Dream and with the resolve and endurance found in the faith of our fathers and in the hearts of our people... the state of our union continues to be strong.

But we've got real problems. To solve them, we need to get to work once again for Americans.

Anyway, there are my 2 cents. Not that the President or anyone from his team would read this... but I believe the way forward is found in the middle... and it's path runs right through of every city and town in America.

Here's to hoping the President and Congress can get it done.

Goodnight, from Washington...


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