Sunday, January 03, 2010

Fifty-Seven Pics...

I picked up this new camera in Tampa. Saved inside today are just fifty-seven...

Fifty-Seven pics.

57 Snapshots of life. Of a child at the beginning, of a mother, of a father, of a couple before the beginning and of others living life. Fifty-seven. Pictures into a world. From a a home in the warmth to a holiday of love to a celebration of time. There are fifty-seven glimpses through a keyhole to which no one key perfectly fits, but which unlock the mystery of a life well lived.

Fifty and seven.

There are fifty-seven moments caught forever. Frozen for all time. Showing love. Showing joy. Showing exhilaration. Some even showing bliss.

But of these fifty-seven, each one tells a story with one common thread. One theme which is forever constant. Which weaves in and out and through and through.

The constant?


Fifty-seven frames. Each a moment in time. Each a display of the sheer power that can only be understood...

... when you understand love.

Let us understand. When we do...

fifty-seven becomes infinite.

Goodnight, friends. From Washington, DC where it is indeed very cold... and where the fire warms.


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