Thursday, January 07, 2010

The family life provides...

In my life, I've had - well - two big brothers.

One is in New York. The other is in Chicago.

Sure, I worked for both of them. Sure, in my life, I was always the oldest in my family, but as it goes, this life allowed for me to have two people who became the older siblings I never had.

They were there to tell me I was wrong when I was. When I was right when I was. To teach when need be and to correct when the time might have needed it.

As this journey that is life has continued, they've each taken different roles. One has stayed in our business - stepping out into what we think could be the future of what we do as the delivery platform became more global.

The other took probably one of the most amazing steps I've ever seen - stepping away into what Tom Petty called the "Great Wide Open" into what might be for him and for his family. Both arguably did what was right for each of them at the time, and as that time has transpired, well, these decisions have been proven to be right. At least for them.

Today, one of my brothers received a promotion. Now he oversees all of the content which could be as they ask the question "what might this be?"

It's exactly where he should be. He more than likely planned this. After all, one of his mantras is "plan... and purpose..."

I'm proud of you, Jeff. I'm proud because of your bravery. I'm proud because of your work ethic. But mostly, I'm proud that you are the man I hope I one day can be.

Congratulations on your well deserved promotion. So many of us are not surprised, but even more of us are proud because we'd not expect anything less from a man who continually defies what "is" when it comes to what "will be..."

I'm sincerely grateful to have learned so much from you. I'm even more excited to see what is to come for you...

From the city you asked me to come to "do this" one more time...


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