Friday, January 22, 2010

CoCo oh CoCo...

NBC, what the hell are you thinking? 

I'm sitting here watching Conan on one of these last two shows that he's doing as host of the Tonight Show and honestly, what they've done to this man is a travesty. I mean, seriously, Conan is just infinitely more original and funny than Leno. The man is innovating - even though the curtain is closing on his dream - he still finds a way to innovate, to cut through, to push the envelope. 

Jay? He's just doing some bits he stole from Howard Stern and David Letterman. And now that NBC has made this decision, well, they've taken the one thing Jay had that was uniquely him... 

... no not his chin... 

... they've taken his honor. 

Forever now, he'll be the one who shouldn't have hosted the Tonight Show. Hell, even in death, Johnny Carson showed he was with Letterman. Now, he'll also be the one who screwed over one of the best comics of our generation. 

But the ones who are really getting screwed are us. We, the fans. People who in the last few days have discovered - or rediscovered - just how amazing Conan really is. And, I guess his settlement with NBC says he has to stay on the sidelines til August 2010. Then I'd bet he ends up over at FOX which could single-handedly re-define late night with Conan in a new show. 

Until then, at least we've got Letterman... 

... cuz I'm not watching Leno. CoCo wouldn't have it any other way. 

Good luck, Conan. Hurry back. Enjoy that 40 million.... :) 

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