Sunday, December 06, 2009


Tonight, I've enjoyed the relative calm of the evening with friends - and in particular - "hanging on the island" as I would have said in Tampa. When I lived 'on the island.'

Of course, I live in suburban DC now.

Anyway, Here we are. For me, it's another new beginning. For many, it's just December 6th.

I can't believe the live I've lived. Really, when I stop and look at the times back in 1996 or 1997 -- "the year... of HOT 97..." I realize what an amazing journey life has allowed me to be a part of. I realize that almost by mistake, and by happenstance and by a whole lot of passion tempered with pure luck, I've been able to have the career I have, the family I have and the life I have.

And we're only just getting warmed up.

I think the thing I want to share tonight is that life has no agenda. It has no time frame. People might. People you might be subservient to at a time might. Overall, you might try to influence it, but in the end, life happens the way it is supposed to happen.

So tonight, I think back to Lancaster. To Wilkes Barre/Scranton. To Stroudsburg. To Tampa. To Columbia. And I think to myself it's been an amazing ride. I've been allowed to learn, grow, and to entertain on a myriad of platforms which so many other only wish they could be a part of. At times, I've failed. Sometimes, we've won. And won big.

But overall, I've been allowed to live a life.

This is not the end of a chapter. It's the turn of a page to begin the writing of the next.

I don't know how this story will end. I know this much. I've tried to be the best at what I do within what I'm capable of being. I hope it's been enough. I've tried to be the best daddy I can be. I pray that it's been enough. I've tried to be the best person and BF I can be, and while I've failed recently at the BF part, what I've learned is invaluable and I think I'm better for what is to come next.

I've lived a blessed life to this point. 35 years past the beginning. A million miles left to go in the journey.

Thank you for being a part of it. Thank you for being with me as we continue on the great adventure.

Saddle up.

Thank you to all for the many birthday messages, emails and posts. I love you all. For some of you, you make this life what it is to me. For one of you, you are why I live to be the best I can be everyday.

For another, well, you helped to give me that one so I will always love who you are in my life and what you mean to Kyla and me. For all of you.... you are amazing. You make this gig and life what it is. And your love gives me strength for the journey.

For the rest of you who are reading... well, many of you know who you are. Even Hot Renee Sara. But aside from the comedic relief of an aside here and there, know that you are what it is that makes me who I am... and thank you for that. I'm better for who you've made me. I'm better for who you are.

And tomorrow is more exciting than yesterday. So let's go.



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  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    We love you Toby. You have so much passion for your work. We hope you had a great birthday week. Happy Birthday - and may you have many more!