Saturday, December 05, 2009

White House Party Crashers BOUNCE some CHECKS!

Hey - everyone has bounced checks before. It happens. No harm no foul. But when the amount gets to be RIDICULOUS...

Like to the tune of $11k, $24k and more... you gotta throw the CON ARTIST flag!

The Salahis, who are now famous for being liars and crashing the White House State Dinner after using a ton of BULL$H!T to make it happen, are being SUED for $24k by Montgomery County for LIQUOR!

Really! Read this!

A good highlight --> The Montgomery County government, which conducts all the wholesale liquor sales on its territory, filed a lawsuit Thursday against Michaele and Tareq Salahi in Montgomery County District Court. The Salahis purchased wine and beer for a charity polo event they held in Montgomery County in May.

And all this is coming to light... why? Because they decided to con their way into the White House... and, well, now their world is coming to an end.

In other Cirque du Salahli news...

They stiffed a landscaper for $2k, so the judge took his $325k watch to sell to satifsfy the debt! Read more here.

Oh and there's this.

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