Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What an amazing day...

5:45am. Arrive at BWI.
7:00am. Depart for RDU.
8:00am. Arrive RDU, deplane passengers, depart for TPA
10:30am. Arrive TPA.
11:00am. Pick up my friend Aimee.
11:30am. Drop Aimee off at 4002 Gandy, go get a haircut. Call my friend Scantlebury to eff with him and get a shoutout from him on the station I used to compete with. LOL.
12:15p. Lunch at Kojacks with Thomas Chuck and Aimee. Run into Johnny Mac and Debbie McCarthy. Amazing to see them and reconnect a bit.
1:30p. Take Aimee to Hotel in Channelside. Check into my hotel, but decide not to push it, return to Forum for 2:30p meet time.
2:30p. Meet Kyla and Dana at Forum to prepare for Miley soundcheck party.
5:00p. Kyla meets Miley Cyrus. Gives her a picture. Gets a hug.
5:30p. Dinner at Stumps Channelside with Kyla, Dana and Aimee.
7:30p. Return to venue. Aimee deals with winners. Kyla and Dana go into the show.
8:00p. Miley takes stage. Plays til 9:30p.
9:30p. Return to Aimee's hotel, say goodbyes, share a few drinks of diet coke. Yes. really. Well she had wine but I had diet coke.
10:30p depart for my hotel near Airport, temped to detour through Thee Dollhouse. Resist the urge and return to hotel.

Wake up tomorrow... at 4:45. Flight back to TPA at 7:10. I think. Better check that...

Anyway, life is amazing. And yes, it was a tough day, and I'm exhausted...

... but this...

Makes it all worth it.

Aimee, Tony and David - thanks for making it happen. Tommy, thanks for being you and for always offering me the Kane suite at your place, and for always being a guy ready to welcome me back to the 813/727 at a moments notice. Dana, thanks for giving me a wonderful daughter and, as non-traditional as it may be, for being a great family partner as we raise our girl. Zubrick and Tiffany, thanks for hitting me online,  as well as Fester and the formerly Wacky now Knockout Jackie... I promise I'll be here longer next time. I promise. Simone, thanks for, well, being you. Mannino, thanks for letting me crash in your office for a bit as we reconnected after five years. It felt like I never left. Kim, LOL thanks for being there to LOL tell me how much you love BLG and Taylor Swift! I still remember some Bon Jovi from a lifetime ago... HA!

And Miley, thanks for making a little girl's dream come true. I know that you were pulled in a million directions, and I know that you went out of your way to bring her joy. Thank you for that.

Okay, I wanted to say a word about friends before I pass the eff out.

They're so precious.

It doesn't matter how much time goes by, how much weight you gain or lose, how much things change...  in the last 24 hours, I can tell you that friendships and relationships which have stood the test of time are so special. People I've known for years, welcomed me back with open arms like I never left Tampa. People I've not seen in years were engaging, embracing and, well, just so amazing to be around.


To my friends who made today so full of color... thank you. I hope I can be to you what you are to me.


Oh yeah, see pics from the day here. 

PS, TTMM, thank you for letting me have the extraordinary latitude to be the best I can be as a a daddy while I strive to be the best I can be on air and in our career. I remember once upon a time someone wouldn't let me have 'time off' to live my life because 'we're in a ratings period' or something. Thanks for proving that you can be the best at work and in life by letting me have the time I've needed over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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