Friday, December 11, 2009

This week...

Evan Taubenfeld will release his video for Merry Swiftmas...

Let me tell you how amazing it is.

Here we are at the holiday... with so much uncertainty and so much doubt, but this video and this song manage to show us that aside from the complicated, dreams really can be that simple.

Even when the dream is a dream for the biggest pop act on the planet at Christmas. Even more so when that person is wishing and betting on a a non-Jewish pause which causes us to press reset on the digital player of life.

Sometimes, when you wish hard enough for the holiday,  you get what you really want.

So, Evan, thank you. I'm thankful for what you've shared and for what we've received.

Let's get our holiday on, people. It's waaaaaaaaaay past some weirdo personal sentiment.


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