Saturday, December 05, 2009

Snow. It just seems to happen....

It's actually sorta peaceful to see. Snow from the window of the studio. I've missed you. I don't miss shoveling you, or having to scrape you off the car, but let it snow. Now it feels like Christmas!

So, today's a big college football day... and honestly... the FOOTBALL JESUS got me into watching this in addition to the NFL ball... so I'll have one eye on ESPN today while we watch some pretty big games today. Normally, I'd not say this but GO CLEMSON and GO GATORS! LOL... We're taping the NFL picks podcast here in a bit... last week I had the best week I've ever had in the Cappy pool... Tied for FIRST but missed on the tiebreaker point guess to Eddie Brennan, who works for Creed's label. He's a great guy and deserved the win, so I can't be poopy pants. But, how far have we come? Over the last three seasons in this pool, I've gone from laughing stock, to getting the shyt kicked out of me, to actually having a pretty competitive season, and it's because of the things and stragtegies I learned by listening to the FBJ and from doing the podcast with him!

No this isn't a paid endorsement. But it's fun. I've got new respect for it all now. Eff the bookies... let's WIN! LOL. Not that I'm betting much. Don't have much to bet! LOL!

Speaking of the Gators and football... someone sent me this... and it's too funny not to share!

In honor of Tebow's sheer awesomeness, we give you the Tebow SEC Championship Drinking Game!

* Drink every time Tebow is called "a warrior." Bonus chug if any of your friends sing the first two lines of Scandal's opus "I am a warrior" and change the lyrics to "Tebow is..." Dance, Tebow, you magnificent *******.

* Drink every time Tebow's called "a leader," then salute.

* Drink every time Tebow's called a "special athlete," then yell "Tiiiimmmmmmmmay!"

* Finish your drink if the announcers suggest Tebow should win the Heisman again this year.

* Drink every time Tebow points to the sky. Then realize the only reason the sky hasn't fallen is the strength of his pointing.

* Drink every time Tebow references God. Or himself. Tom-A-to. Tom-ah-to.

* Drink every time he's shown on the sidelines flapping his arms like a bird (or an idiot) to pump up the crowd.

* If (when) Tebow actually takes flight, finish your drink and do a shot.

* Drink every time Tebow's on camera for no reason when the Florida defense is on the field.

* Drink every time Tebow is seen screaming with his helmet off.

* Drink every time they show a "I Heart Tebow" sign in the stands.

* Drink every time you see a Florida fan in jorts. (Small sips on this one. Otherwise it could kill you).

* Shot every time they mention his experience as missionary.

* If they mention him performing circumcisions in the Philippines while he was a missionary - Chug your beer, do a shot of Patron.

Disclaimer: Playing the Tebow drinking game may result in death. So don't do it. Ever. Not even in jest. The content above this disclaimer is a joke, not a suggestion. If you're dumb enough to do it, just pray Tebow is nearby. Only he can save you. Him or a local hospital with a stomach pump!

PS - this is a good podcast for SEC fans... check this out!

Stay thirsty, my friends.... back to the show I go...


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