Friday, December 04, 2009


I love odds. It's a pretty recent love affair, but for some reason, I love what the odds mean to pundits, what the odds mean to teammates, what the odds mean to people in general.

Odds are the sun will rise tomorrow.

Odds are that in the DC area we'll see snow by Saturday.

Odds are that tomorrow morning, people everywhere will wake up, prepare to go about their days, and live their lives.

But odds are funny. Especially when the odds are against you. That's where - at least, to me, it gets fun.

Don't read anything into this. I'm not contemplating or facing some unreal odds for something. I've just been thinking about how the impossible becomes possible lately and I've been studying what it is that is the catalyst for the tipping point. I've been seeing some patterns, and some similarities in some amazing stories of people who turned a unexpected risk into a cutural-impacting reality. In almost every case - something was done which people said was "crazy." That people said "couldn't be done."

I don't know about you, but when you tell me I can't do something, or that it's crazy, it sort of motivates me to doing that which is deemed 'impossible...' Maybe that's just me.

People count you out. They don't think you're capable of, well, accomplishing something that defies the odds. I'm not sure why, but for some reason, the odds - and doing things which counter or are against the odds, brings me this almost twisted sense of bliss. It's like when you break a rule for the first time to find that it actually allowed you to do something in a new way which you never thought possible.

Anyway, this post is really about doing something which seems against the odds. Which is so unexpected that nobody knows what to think because it's so outrageous that, well, odds are against it happening and if it does happen, odds are it won't end well for all involved.

I think it's in those moments, when we say yes, eff the odds, let's give it a go, that we find a part of ourselves which we never knew existed.

Odds said that Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders couldn't be two sport athletes. Both did so. Sure, injuries changed Bo's plans and Deion's prime time became, well, NFL Network time, but nonetheless, they said eff the odds and they had fun doing so.

So line up against the odds. Then defy them. And control the destiny which ultimately belongs to you alone.

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