Friday, December 11, 2009

How do you respond to a statement like this?

A friend of mine got a complaint today - how would you respond?

I heard on this station that the bad economy was due to the 8 years before Obama, from wars, etc. This is a very inaccurate statement, and does not include the fact that most economic groups report the economy would be doing better if Obama had not spent 3.7 trillion dollars so far. That’s more than Bush spent on both wars during his time in office. This statement was made around 6:30ish PM, today (Friday). I have to ask that whoever made this statement correct it, or I can promise conservatives will begin boycotting your station. You *can not* have such a biased attitude on your station or it WILL result in a loss of listeners. Thank you very much.

Looking forward to your commentary below!

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  1. Angela8:30 PM

    So, in this person's logic, if a doctor amputates a man's leg, he is responsible for the loss, not the guy who shot him. The money spent by the Obama administration has been a direct result of problems he inherited from the Bush administration. If Bush's term had not been up, then would he be to blame for the fallout and subsequent bailouts that were necessary to keep our country afloat? Maybe Obama's solutions haven't all been on target. As with anything, there is a trial and error. But to say the blame for the debt we have been put into during his time in office rests solely on his shoulders is naive and one-sided. This recession was underway before he stepped into office and he shouldn't be held responsible for the mistakes of the previous administration. And as for Obama spending more money on the war than Bush. Perhaps had Bush spent more time and money on the actual war, and less on torturing innocent men in Gitmo or finishing his father's dirty work, the war would be far closer to its conclusion. And from the tone of this person's email, it sounds less likely that they are looking for an unbiased station and more likely that they are looking for a rightwardly leaning biased station.