Monday, November 02, 2009

kylaworld radio!

So... tonight, Kelly Myers, a friend for over 10 years now, turned me on to this. She loves radio. I guess she thought -- or knew -- it would appeal to me. 

We both do this in our spare time anyway. LOL. 

Now, I knew Goom was coming...

... but I had nooo idea it was this cool. Content. In the form of music. Made your way. Easier and with better processing (sound) than like live365 or whatever.

Rather than make a station for my own gratification, I made a channel I would want Kyla to be able to listen too in her iPod touch. If I were programming Radio Disney, it would be this cool.

I can't wait to get some imaging made... but in the meantime, enjoy the beta... of kylaradio...

Or >> k*! << 

Hear it live... NOW! 

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