Friday, November 06, 2009

Hello.... from Fort Lauderdale!

It's been a busy week... I just woke up from probably the most sleep I've had since... well...

... I can't remember. Waking up at noon in Florida is a bit surreal...

Saw Mack last night. It was good to see him in action at a club gig... for us that's a relationship that spans our careers... We worked at WLAN in Lancaster almost, what, 10 years ago now? Damn. Anyway, he's doing great... I gotta figure out this RELAX drank he's pushing... LOL

Sometimes it's tough to go mach 5 with your hair on fire without too many breaks... and it takes a toll on you physically and mentally... so I'm falling off the grid for a bit to take care of me. But, of course, I'll blog about it and I'll post some vids and whatnot along the way over the next 3-4 days.

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