Sunday, November 01, 2009

Football JESUS! Wait, I'm siding with WHO????

Man pictured below is NOT the actual Football Jesus...

This week, I am standing against the advice of the FBJ in the Pack/Vikings game! We'll see how I do...

My picks this week... and the podcast coming in moments!

Denver (+3.5) over BALTIMORE

Seattle (+9.5) over DALLAS

Cleveland (+13.5) over CHICAGO

DETROIT (-3.5) over St. Louis

San Francisco (+11.5) over INDIANAPOLIS

BUFFALO (+3.5) over Houston

NY JETS (-3.5) over Miami

PHILADELPHIA (-2.5) over NY Giants

TENNESSEE (-3.5) over Jacksonville

Oakland (+16.5) over SAN DIEGO

Minnesota (+3.5) over GREEN BAY

Carolina (+9.5) over ARIZONA

Atlanta (+9.5) over NEW ORLEANS

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We ain't gettin' paid on it, but it is for some community service, seeing as there are some people who just can't control themselves when it comes to certain vices.

If you have these vices. And you have no control. The Stevie Brown Center in Washington DC can help.

As you can see, the facilities are world class for caring.

If you don't get help from the Stevie Brown Center, get help from somewhere.

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