Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finding what you're looking for...

U2 is one of my favorite bands of all time.

They have this song called "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For..."

It's a song about a search. About a journey to find that which is so elusive that you have nothing left to do at the end of your search but to write about it.

"But I still Haven't found... what I'm looking for..."

I wonder how this can still at times be the title track for the soundtrack that is my life.

Maybe it's because tonight, I was talking to someone from my past who has found herself in a different place than that which she imagined. A place full of confusion and self doubt with a dose of what we might call a 'remedy' which can be found in that which is in itself incapable of lasting.

Nonetheless, she's not found what she's looking for. Have any of us?

All we can do in this life is try to be what we feel we're supposed to be. To play the part that we feel is the one we're supposed to play. To love. To feel. To embrace. To bring to the forefront in a way which is so exciting that it guides how our lives are to play out. At times, we think we've found this direction in the arms of the temporary, only to find that this momentary distraction serves as a guide to show us where we should be - or to get us back on the path toward what could be.

But we still haven't found what we're looking for.

So we press on. So we walk on. So we go forward, stronger from where we've been and guided from what life has taught us. At times we run and at times we walk, but we move on. We walk on. We navigate the obstacles which life can bring us as we search for that which completes us. And I know this -- in time, we find it.

In this life, I think the journey is the best teacher we could ever hope for.

Here's to finding the lessons in the journey while we seek what we find which we're looking for...

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  1. Toby,
    You were created for a relationship, and to bring glory to, God. When we wander off to do our own thing it may feel fun or freeing but eventually we all end up confused. Your father wants you to spend a lot more time with Him. Trust me it's cool.