Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cool Diversion... have you heard of...

this which is called the Wolfram Alpha?

I heard about it from couple of web dudes I was on the cruise with last weekend, and it's a trip. Apparantly, this is the search engine that could waste Google. And, since Google is beating the crap out of BING from Microsoft, it's not a suprise that the MSFT peeps are trying to hop into bed with the Wolfram.
Anyway, what you can find from it is pretty wicked. Like, for example...

I've been alive for 1822 weeks and 5 days. Kyla's been alive 293 weeks and one day. She was born 2052 days ago.

Wow, right?

Click here and enter your birthdate, or google anything you want and see what comes up!

It's new... and it's in ALPHA mode, not BETA, so expect glitches... but it's a pretty powerful engine at its genesis...

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