Thursday, October 08, 2009


Do you ever wonder?

Wonder what might have been?

Had I realized I was in the way? Had I found what it is we were both looking for but that I couldn't find until I found myself in a shower of grace?

Do you ever wonder about the unseen? What we didn't find? What we let go? What was that could have been but wasn't?

Had we captured our moment, what could have happened? What we saw a glimpse of once but which quickly faded as we embraced the reality of a life laced with the folly of youth - at least for me - for me - while the emerging reality of what was to become you - presented itself?

Like I child I am filled with wonder.

I replay fairy tales in my mind's eye. But the reality of what is brings them into focus.

Nontheless I wonder.

Do you ever wonder?

Do you ever miss what was or think of what might have been?

Do you ever imagine what could be?

If it could?

I hear the breeze this evening and I can see what it's showing me.

Does it ever reveal itself to you?

What was once so close. What was once so tangible not once or twice but so many times...

Lost in the breeze.

I believe in the breeze. And what is to come.

But captured in a Polaroid I gaze with wonder...

So, do you ever wonder?

Listless in memory, but guided by what I've learned, I let the breeze carry...



  1. My big wonder.. what would my life be like had I gotten into West Point.. the only unversity I wanted to attend!

    Could you imagine Knappster!!

  2. Hmm very deep Toby! Yes I do wonder...;)