Sunday, October 18, 2009

Will you count me in...

I've got so many thoughts to share tonight, so tonight, I'll start with what is probably the most obvious.

I just saw Colbie Callait at the 9:30 club. Now, she's probably considered an 'adult artist' in the world of what I do for a living.

Tonight, I just saw an artist.

Like the master, sitting at a blank canvas, she and her band were at the 9:30 Club in DC tonight with Howie Day and others - and let me just tell you she has come so far since the performance she did for us in our reception area when I butchered her last name.

She was masterful. Emotional. Effortless. Beautiful. She was the personification of artistic grace with just enough life, love and soul to move a room.

I met up with her after the show and found myself speechless.

Our new friend, Sam, well she laughed...

Yup. I had nothing to say. I was taken by her humility, her beauty, grace and talent, and by the fact that she knew my name.


And she's got new music we're considering. If you think we should play her new stuff, you might want to go ahead and spam me, comment on our twitter and fb sites and whatever.

Do it so I have some ammo going into a new week. And do it so I don't just look like some dumb boy with a crush.

She's angelic. With an amazing voice, an amazing look and a soul which is forever one of the most amazing I've encountered. I don't know how she does it really. Apparantly some people get it, she did sell out a venue here on a rainly miserable sorta night.

Thank you, Colbie, for this night. And thank you for your art.

Come to think of it, I guess I do look like a dumb boy with a crush.

Oh well.

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