Thursday, October 15, 2009

Um... Democrats... Gawd love ya... but you are better than these tactics...

From a colleague's facebook page...

unsettling cell callShare

Today at 4:01pm

i don't talk politics because we are SO divided, but i have to share a call i just got on my cell.

i didn't see until i answered that the number was restricted. i wish i hadn't answered as it was very unsettling.

the call was from the Democratic Party and i told the man that i am a FIERCE registered Independent. i was asked to contribute money to his party to assure a vast party majority in congress. he told me Republicans were wanting to embarrass the President. i asked this fundraiser if opposing views may just valid opposing opinions on behalf of the people they represent who are not stupid or crazy or zealots.

he said i was uninformed, need to read more and he was being told by his supervisor to hang up. i read everything all day and am certainly smarter than this nard. i raised my voice when i told him that i was still weighing my opinion but was leaning on the side of not taxing Americans more in a recession,i research everything in cyberspace so i can form what i hope it an informed opinion. he hung up on me.

i am not making any of this up.

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