Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I got a text from Alexis the other morning. I want to think it was at like 7:45am East Coast.

She lives in California.

4:45 am. West Coast.

Like in the morning.

"Insomnia sucks..." is all it said. Funny, I've been thinking the same thing lately. So I'm listening to KROQ in my adopted West Coast home from time to time via some streaming sort of a gimmick basking in my hand picked Heavenly Bed with pillows from Ikea and I'm pondering what it is that keeps me pondering which has kept me up so late at night.

Ya know if I'd go slam a few shots...

... I'd stay fat and that's unacceptable to me. Nor do I want to feel like ASS in the morning...

So I ponder. And dammit and no offense - I don't want to listen to TALK so I've gotta jump off this KROQ stream... I wanted to hear some delivery from a station with jocks who have been the foundation to my sound for the last 8 years of my career or so and I can't get that motivation listening to Dr. Drew talking to some actress who did some sort of Dawson's Creek show.

My bad. She's on CougarTown.


Ok, 987. I like this channel because it reminds me of what KROQ was during my formidable years. Massive imaging. Great music. A well designed piece of auditory stimulation. Kelly3 just knows how to stimulate.

That sounded bad.

Whatever. These are the thoughts from my mind which seeks slumber, but can't seem to connect the dots which lead to counting sheep which transport souls into a place where life is simpler, where things are cooler at times and where we find daily rejuvenation in a place that is ours and only ours.

This new KoL song is really good...

I can see that this might be where my next evolution may be in the terms of the musical... but I've got some other passions which might get in the way. Gawd knows I love to go off half cocked on the passion thing. I've been blessed to have lived a life guided by an almost unbridled passion for what it brings to me in my professional and my personal existence. It's a pretty awesome way to live, and thankfully the crazier times of passion unbridled have become more like focused bits of chaos which generally manifest some degree of creativity or something.

But then again I could be rambling. After all, this is insomnia talking.

Some people take Ambien. Not sure I think I agree with that. I mean, that's like slamming a bottle of vodka, only, it's a pill, but the effects on your mental state are the same. Let's examine this:

Vodka - makes you loopy.
Ambien - makes you loopy.

Vodka - makes you drunk and then you do insane things and say even more insane things.
Ambien - um, makes you loopy and you do and say even more insane things.

Vodka - drink it and you can't drive.
Ambien - eat it and you can't drive.

Vodka - you drink it and you think you need it to do basic life things.
Ambien - you think you need it to a basic life thing. Like SLEEP.

SO what's the difference? I guess one is a poor man's ambien and the other one is like really ultra high brand vodka you need to ask your doctor about so you can get a prescription because, well, in this case, the pharmaceutical companies are your pusher and you're paying top dollar for it (assuming you have a low copay) via your insurance companies.

I've taken ambien before. That's another story, but I tried it a couple of times.

A Vodka/Cranberry with a splash of Red Bull tastes better.

Is a glass of red wine a bad thing before bed?

What if it's from a box? VIVA FRANZIA!

The boxed wine movement seems to be taking off. More and more people I know are drinking wine from a box! FIVE LITERS! 20 BUCKS! That's CHEEEEEEEEAP!

Insomnia. It's a bitch. How funny is it that 987fm.com is playing Metallica's Enter Sandman? Irony?

Nope. Not in my life. Amazingly nothing happens by chance in life. At least, that's not how it happens in my life.

Wait... 987fm.com... new song... They must be kicking ass playing all this music against Loveline in the new world o' those o' thangs... And they're still pre-midnight. Wow...

Is this Matisyahu? Yup. It's called One Day. Another coincidence? Nope. I start to drift into deeper thoughts and this man's music just happens to pop on? Irony? Nope. Told ya. A Hassidic Jewish rapper who sounds like... well... Wyclef. Only with a crazy beard. And Hat.

Sometimes, (n)somknee >uh< is a pretty awesome thing. Tonight, I find myself between spew and senseless, directionless banter.

And now I'm getting some insights as to how I might want to sound while I work on my rock alter ego hobby from time to time...

... which is pretty much how I sound on my pop alter ego hobby that I get to do everyday called...

... well, work? Na.

I play. For a living. It's amazing.

Foo Fighters are on now. Everlong. I love this channel. I could work there. From here. Or there. Here. And there. Metaphysically. Noetically. Noetics?

987fm.com. If you ever find yourself embracing your inner insomniac - listen to them.

Linkin Park. In the end. Another sign.

Effing (nsomknee)uhhh...

Good night.

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