Saturday, October 17, 2009

Never again is what you swore...

... the time before. 

Hi. I see you've been visiting. Pretty often, I guess. Late at night, too. I assume long after the hub-bub of the day has come and gone and after the noises of demand which seem ever present in this life have found a degree of quiet. You know, after the texts with paramours, after the calls from loved ones and those who want to be loved ones have silenced. After the gentle buzz of an iPhone alert that someone has texted some words or the buzz to tell you that you've missed a call. 

I'm guessing you drifted into my world again after you exfoliated. Maybe after you washed your face or prepared yourself for bed in the glow of a tv somewhat blurred by, well, the hue which comes in a fragment of prescribed blue. 

What are you looking for here in the past? Your past? 

What was? A contract for what could be that's been invalidated by what is? A morsel of something that lets you know that maybe - just maybe - you are still someplace in a soul that you decided wasn't good enough or that had enough promise which could renew itself with the coming dawn? 


That you'd seek some sort of solace in the sunset of what was. 

What would your current sunrise say? 

What would your no matter what of now say if they knew you were looking at the what was of yesterday? 

Curious indeed is this thing called emotion. 

Even more curious is this emotion still when this emotion wanders when it thinks it's alone. 

Solitude is no solace when the sun always finds a way to shine when you think no one is looking or that no one can tell. 

Some words do have some meaning. Some expressions do find a way to express themselves. And sometimes, you just have to seek not knowing what you might find. 

Thanks, nonetheless, for seeking. 

Everything is fine. 

And I won't tell. 

I hope you got whatever it was that you needed. That you fixed whatever was broken. And that you found whatever it was you were looking for. 

You can close the window now. 

Goodbye. Again. Till next time you seek again what you hope to find. 

I hope you and your someone... are doing fine. 

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  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Toby, I'm in exactly the same situation now. Here's hoping you don't hurt.