Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's quiet here again tonight. I have to get up early in the morning for a few things, and will have a busy day tomorrow....

... but Saturday will soon be here and I'll be there, in Tampa, to see you.

I feel like you must feel knowing Santa Claus is coming. In fact, I feel like I will be awake until I get on the plane to fly down there to see you and how you are doing. How things are going. To hear about school, the dentist, how things are with mom, and how things are going with your new friends there.

And mostly, I just can't wait to see you so I can hug you.

Yeah. Mostly just to hug you. And to feel you in my arms again, little one.

And to tell you how much I love you... and miss you.

Im going to try to sleep. Maybe I'll find you in the land we each share when we dream.

Until then, and until Saturday afternoon, know that I'm so proud of you...

... and so proud... to be your daddy.

Goodnight, Kyla.

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