Sunday, October 11, 2009


The hardwiring of who I am makes me in many ways similar to my momma...

... and it's probably for that reason that my mom and I have always had an interesting relationship over the course of our lives.

I love her just the same.

See, she's caused me to remember the things most important to the core of who I am. The things that reveal themselves with a whisper over those which make themselves evident with a roar. I guess it's that which most moms have which make them into matriarchs. Truth be told, most moms are nurturers who guide, who nurture and who protect their own... as children and as they grow into whom they're to become. They signal the alarm when others come into their lives whom they might see as detrimental to what their precious are to become. They're the same ones who nod with approval at those they encounter whom they hope are the best for who might come into the lives of their beloved as a life they've protected ventures into the great unknown.

They're the ones who - for some reason known only to God - just seem to know.

At least that's how it's always been for me in my life.

My mom has always just sorta known.

Not that I've listened. Rather, I've blatantly ignored the advice at times my mom has tried to give so many times in this life. And as I've lived, so many times I've found myself saying so many countless times that "I might should have listened to my mom..."

Mothers have a special insight. An ability to decipher the still small voice - the intuition if you will - that holds the key to wisdom that we'd do well to embrace as we encounter what it is that is to come as we live this life.

I've not always done this.

But I've most always found that I should have.

Mothers just... know.

And this evening, that which has always known is celebrating yet another year in this life.

Mom, I've been at so many times what you'd not want in a son. But I've always listened. Even if I've never readily accepted it, I've listened. And more often that not, what you've had to say to me has been true.

So in this phase of my life, I find that I listen to warnings past and present. To advice you give - and to advice you've given. And I find that life is easier to navigate knowing that you've given me many keys to decoding the map which this life brings to each of us...

... especially to me.

Happy Birthday, Momma. I think I can say that I'm listening now. Paying attention. Taking heed to the advice that you've always given me which I've at times ignored, but now find that I'm listening too...

... and I can say that I truly love you for the many countless gifts you've given to me.

Your son.

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