Friday, October 16, 2009

Meghan McCain... a summation by Shawn Wasson, Esquire...

Reprinted from his Facebook with permission. A great read.

I know what you’re thinking… I can’t read the title of that book! It’s backwards!

Wait, was I wrong? Meghan McCain, daughter of Presidential second-placer John McCain, posted the above photo on her Twitter stream (she currently has 60k followers) last night around 8PM. She followed up about 30 minutes later with a series of ‘tweets’ (jesus, I hate the language of Twitter) suggesting she was getting evil responses to her picture. Here’s a timeline of her responses…

So… Meghan McCain posted a photo unaware that her giant breasts would cause a controversy online amongst her conservative followers and then threatened to delete her account after a slew of mean comments, right? Not so fast. Twitter is a website for self-promotion, I know that just as well as Meghan does. She uses that account to promote her appearances and articles on The Daily Beast and it’s one of her best promotional tools. If you think she didn’t expect a reaction to that picture, you’re kidding yourself. And if you buy the ’slew of mean comments’ line, you’re even more gullible.

I’m not saying she didn’t get any negative responses or that no one called her a slut, I’m saying that she blew the event out of proportion to promote her latest column. You know, the one that she linked right after calming down last night. What an amazingly convenient coincidence!

Don’t take my word for it, search Twitter yourself. With a query like ‘@McCainBlogette look like slut‘ — (I’m assuming these evil people would have sent a message telling her ‘you look like a slut’ or something similar) brings up nothing directed at Meghan’s account before she started complaining of a backlash. A simpler search for ‘@McCainBlogette whore‘ brings up a whopping 3 posts, none of them attacking her for the photo. In fact, search for all replies to ‘@McCainBlogette‘ and you’ll get a massive outpouring of posts in support of her, many attempting to convince her not to leave Twitter.

Meghan has been working for The Daily Beast for a while and you can imagine interest in her pieces has dropped over time. Jumble that with the fact that she didn’t exactly enjoy being ignored by the paparazzi as they drooled over Tila Tequila the other day and we’ve got a recipe for a publicity stunt.

It’s possible that she really did face a backlash after posting the seductive snapshot. And it’s possible that her outrage over that reaction was genuine. But I think it’s a helluva a lot more possible that she thought up this little fiasco last night after taking a few pictures and screening them to see which would be best for posting online. Like I said in the title, when Meghan McCain wants attention, she gets it. She’s positioning herself to be this sexy, political every-girl and it seems to be working quite well. Hell, this is the most buzzed about Twitter image since Ashton Kutcher uploaded a Demi Moore crotch shot. So, in the end, she gets some press and we get to see her massive cleavage.

Win-win, right?

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