Friday, October 23, 2009


Well there you are again, life. You just find a way to show up sometimes. And now, I wonder at the wonder that you bring at times. I've no idea why, or how, but you come unexpected, yet with a standing invitation to enter into any equation and bring thoughts which could be best described as radical.

Or insane. Or impossible. Or unlikely.

Isn't that what you do, life? You push us into the impossible to find possibility? Thrust us into the unlikely to see what likely could be - or what could have been? Prod us into insanity so that we can again find what makes us sane?

Well here you are again. And again you've served as the catalyst for a mind that's now going a million miles an hour through the photographs called moments in my mind. Moments of the life I live. Moments of the life I've lived.

And by chance, I take it - knowing that you don't let anything happen by chance, again you've forced me to cross paths with a path less traveled by yet have moved beyond. So here I am wondering again what you're getting at. Why you've allowed some things to happen to some who don't deserve them. Why you've set up some I know for heartache while they navigate the waters of a storm called betrayal. Why you'd subject some to these storms knowing that there are innocents who will be tossed in these waves you're bringing in some lives. While this isn't happening to me, life, did you know that by some happenstance some would reach out to me to escape for a while the pain of this storm you've brought their way?

Sometimes I can't figure you out, life, my old friend. So I've stopped trying, and instead just work on living. Not knowing. Wondering about more. Sometimes asking what if but mostly knowing that, like the Creed song says, "with every tomorrow there comes another life..."

Maybe distance makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe we live our lives to become better for the next time, life, you bring us to these interesting intersections. Not knowing what will be, but knowing that for some reason, life, you wanted things to happen. For events to occur. To show us what we deserve, what we don't want, what we can be, and what we were once so that we'll never be what was again.

Impressive, Life, that you've been at this since the beginning of time. For so many.

Well, my old friend and companion, I'm going to attempt to sleep. I have a munchkin to go see. Things to do before that happens which need my attention...

... and now, thanks to you, someone who needs to know that they're in my thoughts, prayers and that my heart has been stirred by what you've got them going through. Amazing, how, life, you bring us full circle.

Even more amazing, Life, is how you find a way to remind us at times that the past can indeed be a prologue.

Take care of my old friend tonight, life. Keep them safe. Bring them peace. And let the sun shine for them tomorrow.

Now let me sleep, Life. I'm tired. But thank you for your company. I enjoy when you reveal yourself in the quiet of now.

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