Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the Kyla Family Podcast (10/27)

Kyla is obsessed with a boy. Oh boy. She's five.

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  1. She's 5, but a very mature 5.

  2. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Tobias, Kyla isn't having problems with a boy. The boy is having problems with Kyla.
    Kyla appears to be a sensitive spirit. She has the natural nurturing tendency most if not all females have. Surely from you and her mom she has also learned to comfort when someone needs it.

    You must remember Kyla is but an unprogrammed computer shall we say. All her data will be learned from those around her. That's why I was down on you about the language. Don't ever think that children aren't listening. They'll shock you every single time by repeating what they heard you say. Or they'll internalize problems and grow up to be introverts taking on the problems as their fault or extroverts vying for attention in your war.

    So Kyla wears her heart on her sleeve even at this young age. So what are her parents to do? Take it seriously. Talk to Kyla about what she's feeling make sure before you act on it. You never want to crush her spirit. Begin to talk with your child about male female stuff. Especially emotions; make sure she knows what she is feeling whether sadness for him or a like for him.

    Kids are developing much faster these days in body and mind.

    In five years or so if Kyla follows the trend of most girls today she'll be menstruating Tobias. In 5 years. By then she will need to know all the basics and you two have got to be responsible parents rather than head in the sand types who think your child is raised right and would never be promiscuous. Peer pressure is a witch.

    Talk with Kyla make sure she knows the rules of the school and that she has to respect Wyatt's feeling.

    Listen Tobias, little girls loves to assert themselves with little boys. You know, throw their weight around. They will set up an imaginary family where they are the boss. It's what kids do, but they must still adhere to the rules of fair play.

    Anyway, I probably said more than I should have to you. Kyla is you child. I remember you had a tendency to ask your listeners what to do about Kyla, Like the nail polishing thing, and felt maybe you did this time also.

    ALso Tobias, she could just miss you a lot. The female mind, never underestimate it.

    That's Maxie's Dime