Friday, October 02, 2009

It's about Greed... and not about the kids...

Jon Gosselin was on LKL last night, crying about stopping the show with his kids and Kate. Maybe you saw it. Larry made a great quip at the end of the show which really sums this whole thing up...

"You were nobody before this show, now you're someone and you really shouldn't be..."

Jon nodded his head, his lips revealed his shame to a degree and a bit of remorse.
The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

They both - Jon and Kate - are known for being well known. They're not celebrities. They didn't do anything but get on some fertility drugs and have eight kids.

Now, she, desperate to hold on to her 'status' - which she's shown ALL ALONG she wants - is fighting with Jon, who seems to want it to go away, but who is what he is because of the show and it's status.

Sure he was the one who quit his gig and stayed home with the kids. Sure she is the one who ran around the country and made money and gave talks and got plastic surgery and whatever.

But what about the kids. Really?

They aern't living normal lives. They're not subject to the reality which most families are. They get what they want when they want it and they don't want for anything. All eight of them.

This is a total recipe for disaster.

This drama needs to come to an end. It's not like watching a train wreck anymore. It's more like watching exploitation. It's like watching kids get exploited in a sweatshop. The difference is that instead of toiling away making clothes and widgets, the kids are being pampered with things that ordinary people would never get.
"Let them eat cake" seems to be what TLC is saying.

And Kate's all about it.

Jon, well, he's got an agenda too but I doubt it's the kids.

We're watching modern day child exploitation by big business and greedy parents at its worst. This... is the worst of what our country is all about. And the world gets to watch it.

Just some stuff from my head and heart. Sorry if you don't agree... but it's becoming a tragedy.

Read some more of the drama here.

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