Monday, October 26, 2009

"I live a crazy life..."

"I live a crazy life," Kyla exclaimed at the Target by the Brandon Town Center - incidentally the first place I found when I settled in Tampa almost eight years ago. Well, it might even been about eight years this weekend that I landed in Tampa to talk to an old boss and now friend about working for him at that legendary station.

"Why do you have a crazy life, Ky?" I asked as we made our way through the trial sized aisle so I could get some travel sized shaving cream en route to the toy aisle.

"Because you live in DC, and I live here and, it's just crazy..."

For a minute I didn't know what to say. It was the first time she'd ever brought up the fact that her mom and I don't live together, are not together and have managed to raise her to this point together.

"It could be crazier, Kyla" I said as we trucked toward the toy aisle.

"I know Daddy," she said and then she changed the subject. "So what toy do you think I should get tonight, or should I get a game???"

I should also add that she proceeded to tell the man checking us out at that Target that she lives a crazy life...

"Do you know I live a crazy life??" she said to him. He looked at me. I looked at him and laughed. He said "kids are just so honest".

"You have no idea" I said.

Turning to Kyla he said, "Why is your life so crazy..." to which Kyla proceeded to explain that I live in our nation's capital and her mom lives in Florida and it's just... 'CRAZY' she said to this man - a total stranger, but with whom she seemed not to mind knowing that she, well, feels like she lives a crazy life.

The man laughed and looked at me and I said, "well, her mom and I both talk for a living..." to which he laughed in agreement.

"Ahhhhh that makes sense now..." he laughed as he handed her the new Curious George game I got for her.  "Doesn't it?" I added as I thanked him for his time and wished him a good evening.

This game, by the way,  was one she played with her friend Hana during a sleepover here. She told me all about it during our sleepover in my hotel room at a new Hilton Garden Inn. Among other things.

During our day together, I listened with wonder at how verbal my little munchkin has become. I listened as she told me about her friend - one of her best - I take it - named Miranda. This Miranda and Kyla seem to have some bit of drama going on over this one named Wyatt, who, I take it is a boy who Miranda and Kyla both, ahem, like.

"We're still both trying to figure out who is his first girlfriend and who his second girlfrend is," She told me as we were swinging at a park behind her school. "Well, don't be anyone's second girlfriend," I told her. "If you can't be his only one then he's not worth it" I added. I'm not sure if she got it but I said it anyway.

Then she revealed to me even more truths.

"I sometimes wear boy underwear to school," she told me. I don't really care about this because if she wants to wear Diego boy underwear, well, then she'll one day enjoy the Hanky Panky boyshorts.

"I wore it because I thought the boys would like me if I did and told them I was doing it," she said to which I added, "well, in 15 years, you'll be wearing boyshorts all the time and they won't have any problem with it." She just laughed and kept on swinging on that swing. Again, I'm not sure if she got it, but I guess maybe she did on some level.

She told me more...

"Well I can't figure out Wyatt, Daddy," she said. "I tell him I think he has nice clothes, and he doesn't tell me he likes my clothes..."

Now that pisses me off. She wears clothes that would make my contemporaries jealous. I'm not brand-name dropping but she's in good hands in the clothing department. I used to date someone who taught me a ton about brand consciousness and, well, since I can't wear the clothes, I decided that I'd wear them  vicariously through my daughter.

"Well, he may not know what True Religions are, Kyla, but someday he will and I guarantee you his mom knows..."

Again, a laugh. Then we went to play the Curious George game, investigate a caterpillar, and more. This after an evening of games, movies, stories, and a morning of swimming and waffles for breakfast and more.

All in all, I guess I had my first substantive conversation with my little girl that let me know that she's growing up. In as much as one can grow up in Kindergarten. She was confiding in me about some things, telling me some things, asking me for advice in some things...

... and letting me know that she's got some concerns about some things that, well, I guess she knows will ultimately work out for the best in the end.

"It would be really crazy if you and my mom got back together," she said while I was driving her back to her mom's condo before I had to hit the airport to come back to DC. I laughed. She laughed.

The she said, "I love you daddy daddy daddy!"

Then Miley came on XM21 in my rental car. A car I rented because it looked like Bumblebee from the Transformers movie. Bumblebee is her favorite. Although the one I had was all black. And black is slimming.

"I love you too munchkin," I said...

"And stop messin' with this Wyatt business..."

She laughed.

Let me tell you. You girls are something else. For some reason I don't think that these thoughts change too much over time. The discourse might become more mature, or diverse, or dynamic, but at it's core I bet it comes back to something pretty similar.

I guess I better keep studying the language of Venus. Where's my Marie Clare?


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  1. This was SO cool Tobster! my daughter turned 6 in August- i'm a single mom and she sees her dad MAYBE once a week so i have her almost all the time. I have been thinking about the first "real" conversation for years and after reading this, realized it still hasn't come. your girl DOES live a crazy life, a crazy GOOD life!