Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friends, birthdays and life...

I told someone I consider a friend, who is also a colleague tonight, via a text, that I feel like I've not been too great of a friend or pal over the last two weeks. I've had to miss a few important dates in the lives of some because I've been, well, long and the short of it, working on things related to the job.

These are tough times for us all and we're all doing more, but I'm not about to make any excuses this evening. Life - when you live to live it rather than to work while you exist through it - dictates that you don't make them.

Rather, I'm going to tell you why these people are special, why I think they're important, and why they are important to me.

Gil. First of all, in many ways, you're the partner in our professional lives who balances me better than anyone other I've ever known. We were brought together for exactly that reason - and while you are the agent of all things that keeps order, it allows me to be the one who flies chaotic at times - creating the balance that makes us as successful as we are as a team. Like a yin and a yang, we balance each other, you spur me into being the best I can be  and you keep everything in order so I can do what I need to do to make sure our end result is successful. In that balance, we find our 'us...' when it comes to what we do and I'm so thankful I know you. I'm better because I work with you. And personally, you're one of my favorite people. I don't always say it... and I should... but thank you. Thank you for being who you are. You and your husband are amazing people and I am thankful I know - and that Kyla knows - you both.

Lora... I'll leave the professional alone. You already know how I feel about you in that way. But personally, I adore your heart. Your zest for life. Your zeal for happiness. Your smile and your always wanting to know what is just beneath the surface when it comes to my life. You have amazing natural insights into the human condition - and into my condition - and I have come to realize that I think that you are a part of my life to remind me that it's not always about work, it's not always so serious, and that with love, anything is possible. With a few words, you make certain things very clear to me when it comes to life, love, relationships and friendships... and that is your most spectacular gift. I know that I've met you so that I could learn to always come back to the core of who I am, over a glass of wine in the shadow of some Virginia mountains. And it's in that place, at that time, that life always finds a way to make sense. I've learned to follow that path because of you, and I'm forever changed because of it. I hope you know how amazing you really are, Lora. Because you... are spectacular.

RaviQ - If they say I have passion for radio, well, then you are the me for the music world. Unbridled passion for music and what it is all about with you, my friend. Coming from whereever, regardless of genre, or artist, you just love what we do, and you love it not for the access, or the laminates with All Area Access. No, you love what we do because you love what makes what we do possible - and you love all things about it. You embrace the creative, you draw strength from the lyrical magic that makes what we do so unreal. You throw yourself into making sure we all pay attention to the spark that becomes a fire that fuels what is to become a hit. You see things in music I see - from Rick Rubin producing the Linkin Park CD to the very real soul behind a project like the Veronicas. And, when the rest of the world says it's crazy to grab some aqua net and go to a hair band show, you say, "forget that" and take the hairspray, spike it up, throw on parachute pants and plunge yourself into the passion of the musical moment. It's in those moments we're defined. It's because of those moments you are who you are. And because of those moments, you are truly a great friend and truly great at what you do professionally. I'll see any show with you... anywhere... anytime. Except for maybe some broadway showtunes... that might just be weird.

When someone asked me recently what it was like to live and work here, I told them that one of the greatest things about this market was that we're surrounded by our contemporaries who work among us locally who take off our professional hats and embrace the fact that we're all relatively young people working in an amazing business doing jobs we love that just happens to come with an unbelievable soundtrack. I think you each know what I'm talking about. And while in some places, changes bring change which causes people to drift apart, I believe that in our case, in this city, and amongst our peers, what we're all a part of is woven into the fabric that makes us each a part of each other.

It's part of what makes us all friends.

Friends, happy birthday. I wish that I'd have managed time better so that I could have been more a part of these very special days for each of you over the last 10 days or so. Know that I've thought of you all, that I miss being there to celebrate with each of you, and that I know at some point - whether it's at the Verizon, Merriweather Post, or the Hard Rock or 9:30 club or even Daddio's back yard, we'll each lift a glass to celebrate getting older...

... but mostly to celebrate the fact that we're a pretty amazing group of individuals, put in this market and city for a reason, to do pretty amazing jobs and to live some equally amazing lives.

To each of you, I lift a glass tonight.

Here's to our future. Here's to our friendship.

Thank you each for impacting my life, my heart... and for being my friend.

From Washington, DC...


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