Monday, October 12, 2009

Dude! Cuddle parties are good for the soul!

Cuddle Parties are good for the soul! Really!

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From the article... the RULES for CUDDLING...
Rules for cuddling

Cuddle Parties aren't just big mosh pits of affectionate people; there are rules of etiquette and there's also someone there to enforce those rules: a Cuddle Party facilitator.

A Cuddle Party typically works like this: People pay $10 (to cover the price of snacks) and bring their jammies, which they change into in a private room. There's a "welcoming circle" where people introduce themselves and talk about why they've come, and a facilitator goes over the Cuddle Party rules, such as keeping your pajamas on at all times and always asking permission before touching anyone, among other things.

Then, there are two hours of freestyle cuddling and the evening ends with a group "puppy pile," where people pile on top of each other and hug.

"It leaves you high as a kite," said Anna Grupke, a Cuddle Party facilitator in Murfreesboro and the only person in Tennessee who has gone through official training, according to Grupke has thrown four Cuddle Parties at her home since May and plans another in November.

On a related note, I am becoming more and more impressed with WUSA9's content... That's whadddup guys!

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  1. I don't even let people I've known for 10 years hug me. This story is giving me hives.