Thursday, October 01, 2009

CNN's heroes...

Watching this right now with Anderson Cooper and let me tell you how moving some of the people - real people - who are doing so much to make a difference.

These people do so much more than just press a few buttons and spew some stuff on the radio or on line someway.

They're helping homeless vets who are living in tents who gave so much for our freedom only to be rewarded with a tent and ramen noodles which by - for them - sum up the American dream they chose to defend.

I don't know about you guys, and sometimes I'm not sure why I even have the feelings I'm having, but more and more lately I've been feeling this stirring in my soul that there's something more that needs to be done... something that makes a difference. That creates opportunity for people who I don't know and for kids who I've never met. Maybe it's been having conversations with people who head community service organizations lately. I don't know... but for some reason there's this feeling I have that there's something deeper to why I'm where I am at this particular stage in the great adventure that is my life.

Maybe it's because I've been exposed to people who are making a difference, like Wyclef, who have encouraged me to use my 'position to improve other positions in people...'

All I know is that I'm ridiculously blessed in so many ways and in so many spectacular areas that I know there has to be a reason why that I don't know of yet.

But I'm listening.

I believe that at times, a still small voice tells you what you need to do to make a difference. To change the world in some small - yet profound way.

I'm not sure what that is for me yet, but I'm aware that it is indeed something. For now, it's to be the best as a dad and at what I do that I can be...

... and I am sure the rest will present itself when the time is right.

I'm gonna go back to watching this inspiration on CNN right now. These ordinary people who do some extraordinary things.

The crazy ones are the ones who change the world. They think just a bit differently. They see the world with a twist...

At least I know I have the crazy part right.


From DC... a city full of crazy...


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