Wednesday, October 07, 2009

BSB/This is us...

Get the deluxe version from iTunes and watch the stuff from O2 Arena...

... you forget just how really good - and how uniquely talented they are as a group.

No backing tracks. No overprocessed autotuned harmonies. Just talent, backed by a real band.

I believe the truth sets you free. The truth of their talent will set them free in the eyes of the business world by selling copies of their project... I just have this feeling it's gonna happen.

This is an amazing offering from a group of artists who refuse to go quietly into some boy band era abyss.

I say game on!


  1. Here in Brazil we can't buy anything on Itunes and we don't have the album on the stores yet, but we can pre-order that, and that's what I did. But I gotta tell u something, I'm in love with the whole album. The songs are great! Bigger, Bye Bye Love and Helpless are my fave so far, but Undone, This is Us and Shattered are great tracks as well, so calm and with such a powerful lyric. I'm in love, for real. Thanks for the post.

  2. This new album really is "them." When we fans heard that the album was going to be called "This Is Us" there was definitely a negative response from many fans because many of us thought it was too typical or bland. That was before we knew that This Is Us was a track off the album and before actually hearing the whole album. There was such a reaction that the boys even back tracked and posted a message asking the fans for album title suggestions and eventually they stuck with it. I was one of those fans (loved them for 14 years!) who were critical of the title...but buying my copy off iTunes last night and blasting it in my car today it made so much sense! I totally understood it. This album really is "THEM" at their best! The vocals, the vibes, the energy ...they really did pour themselves into this album. I'm so proud of them and they really do deserve the recognition from radio as well as respect and support from their record label. I feel this album could be 6 singles deep and is exactly what radio is missing these days: great harmonies! I look forward to seeing where this album leads them & I pray they will be making music for years to come! Thanks for your support Toby! :D