Sunday, October 11, 2009

And the picks are....

I really need to connect with the football jesus, but after last week's overloaded weekend work plate and today after being unplugged all day, and with me JUST getting here, I've gotta try to get up with him for the podcast tomorrow. I also need to talk to him about these CAROLINA GAMECOCKS which seem to be ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPURRIER FOR LIFE!

OK, back to work. Got lots to do before the BLG/Charity thing at HRC DC tonight... and I wanna try to get out of here to watch some red zone for a bit before I have to be back here to finish up some stuff before the team leaves for the gig tonight!


NY GIANTS (-15.5) over Oakland

Dallas (-8.5) over KANSAS CITY

Minnesota (-10.5) over ST. LOUIS

Washington (+3.5) over CAROLINA

PHILADELPHIA (-13.5) over Tampa Bay

DETROIT (+10.5) over Pittsburgh

Cleveland (+5.5) over BUFFALO

Cincinnati (+8.5) over BALTIMORE

SAN FRANCISCO (-2.5) over Atlanta

DENVER (+3.5) over New England

Houston (+5.5) over ARIZONA

Jacksonville (+1.5) over SEATTLE

Indianapolis (-3.5) over TENNESSEE

NY Jets (-1.5) over MIAMI

Tiebreaker Total: 48.0


Home teams are shown in CAPs

Point spreads shown in ().

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