Friday, October 30, 2009

Safe Rides for Halloween...

You've got choices! Make the right one, especially since you can ride home for free if you get all TOXIC on Halloween!

Click the pic above for more in DC... or click here!

For DFW... click here!

For JAX... click here!

For Charlotte... click here!

Bottom line, be smart. This year Halloween is on a weekend... and me and Geto Boys is trick-or-treatin'...

... but we won't rob lil' kids for bags...

Dear Southwest Airlines BWI, TPA, and LUV teams and Customer Service people,

I love you.

I have one more credit to get before another free flight.

And I have one total rapid reward point out there. 1/2 from Avis and 1/2 from Hilton Garden Inn, whom I love also.

Thank you for being you. And for your people who are awesome. All of them.
Thank you. Even though some of the other hater airlines are trying to get their fares lower than yours, and sometimes they do cost a bit more than you at times, I still love you.
And early bird check in.



Bethesda women should feel very pumped!

According to this SELF magazine survey, you live in the #2 best place for a woman to live!

They based these rankings on crime, quality of life, etc...

Here's the top 10...

1. Burlington–South Burlington, VT

2. Bethesda-Gaithersburg-Frederick, MD

3. Portland–South Portland–Biddeford, ME

4. Cambridge-Newton-Framingham, MA

5. San Francisco-Oakland, CA

6. Honolulu, HI

7. Stamford-Norwalk-Bridgeport, CT

8. Madison, WI

9. Santa Barbara–Santa Maria, CA

10. Fargo, ND

Click here to see the whole thing!

Britney's new instructional counting video for kids....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where it all comes from...

What can I say.

I've been asked where it comes from before. Where do you find this way to hone in on certain things, to completely understand them - or try too - and weave them into what you do on air?

Well, part of it is from knowing that I've taken more from some of my past relationships than I've given. Getting out of my own way - and finding a way to realize that I've failed at so many relationships because, well, honestly, realizing that it's not possible to have two loves - or two masters - no matter how hard I've selfishly tried, is perhaps the reason things have become more clear lately.

Funny. I shared a story the other day about this one time I was asked about "where I got it from..." and I told him flat out - that I've been a bad enough boyfriend, by being selfish and me-centric that I've learned what it is that I want to be to a partner because I've failed at it. Time and time and time again. But in any failure, you find things. And each time I think I got a bit better. I think I grew. I feel like I've grown. And even though I've failed there's been a growth that has come from the process. And so that comes through now. Little things. Noticing things. Differences between John Hardy and David Yurman. Realizing that there's a time for Cosmo, and that it passes into Glamour, and ultimately becomes Marie Clare. There are other things... but mostly it's that I notice the little things I didn't used to notice. And I owe alot of that realization to one person who knows who they are. I also owe alot of the realizations I've come to embrace now to that same person.

But as life has it, things move on. We all move on. And sometimes, we move on to return to what we once knew as comfortable, better from what we've experienced and more capable of doing things right...

... when life brings you full circle.

"Where do you find your drive?" I was asked by someone who for some reason thinks I know what I'm doing professionally. God knows that I don't know what I'm doing personally. LOL.

"Kyla..." I said.

"And...." he replied, as if it was opening a much longer explanation.

"That's it."

He just looked at me and then said "you're awesome..."

I laughed. "I'm not awesome. I've just realized that to play with heart and passion means you have to, one, do what you love and two, find what you love unconditionally to provide fuel to your inner fire..."

Kyla is that fuel in my life. She's the reason I do what I do now. Someday that will change and someone else will play a part in what becomes the passion that is what drives me, but until then, it's about her solely and completely and no matter what.

It's for Kyla. So that she can have the things I've always wanted to have... from designer jeans to toys and Wii games and more. For now, she's the only woman in my personal life, and, yeah, I spoil her. But it's because I love her. Even though she's not with me now, I know she's in good hands, that her mom is free from things which might cause Kyla to have less than the best and I've got what the ability - thanks to the grace of my higher power - to provide her with the life we both enjoy, and a life that I hope she enjoys a bit more than I do at times...

I often say that I don't work. I get paid to play and play music and say crazy things. Kyla... she lives to learn and play for now.

I guess we have a good balance. And she's the source of my drive, and why I do what I do... along with some professional things which I've yet to reinvent, refine and twist so that they can be uniquely mine. Together, they fuel the fire which is what ultimately becomes my passion. For life. For what we do. It is the reason I live. In spite of myself at times and so that I might find myself at times.


Live with it. See what happens.

From Washington, DC...


Preggo on the cover of TEEN VOGUE... good or bad?

Teen Vogue is, well, starting a conversation by having a pregnant teen on the cover.

Obviously, this is an interesting situation... and its something that many families and people -- and teens -- face. But on the cover of something that all teens read?

Read the story here and think about it... and comment away!

DC - WJLA won't blur the BOOBS!

Again.. the Washington City Paper with the goods today! I love these guys...

Anyway, apparantly, since it is breast cancer awareness month and all, WJLA-TV is doing a feature on mammograms, etc. And they're not blurring the boobs. Sorta like NatGeo - only with medicine. And cancer education.

From the article:

Tonight and tomorrow, WJLA will air a four-part series on breast exams called “Touch of Life: The Guide to Breast Self Examination.” The series will show real women performing breast exams—and it’s not going to blur out their boobs.
The Washington Post notes that the full-frontal treatment is a departure of traditional television coverage of breast cancer screenings which feature “female breasts typically depicted only in X-rays or tastefully draped.” Which raises the question—how do you tastefully drape a boob? And what’s the point of filming a breast self-exam if you can’t see how to examine the breast? WJLA is attempting to resolve the second question: General manager Bill Lord told the Post that “the station consulted medical experts who said news reports on breast-cancer detection haven’t offered enough detail to teach people how to do an exam properly.”

Read all about it here!

In DC? Ever wonder where the phrase "IN the DMV" came from???

Well thanks to the Washington City Paper, now you know!

Thanks to the hard work of both hip-hop pioneers and young upstarts throughout D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, the DMV is now officially on the map. It’s also in the dictionary. The Urban Dictionary—but still.

Most regions with thriving hip-hop scenes have catchy nicknames, but before the whole DMV acronym caught on in the mid-aughts, the greater nation’s capital lacked one. Chocolate City, popularized decades ago, was starting to get a little moldy, and it ignores both the all-important suburbs and the fact that D.C. is becoming more cream-filled by the day. There have been valiant efforts to make “The Middle East” (for middle East Coast, get it?) stick, but it didn’t happen. Ditto for “Tri-State,” which failed not only because it’s already taken but because, technically, only two states are involved.

So where’d the acronym come from? In an informal poll of area hip-hop luminaries—from Judah to Kokayi, Head-Roc to Overok—the same three names came up over and over: Wale, DJ Rob AKA Mista DMV, and 20Bello.

Actually, there was one other contender, too: MC-turntablist-producer DJ Eurok maintains the first use of the DMV to mean D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (rather than a certain dysfunctional city agency), was on local corner store phone cards emblazoned with phrases such as “Excellent DMV local access.” He may be right, but in terms of making the term hot, credit definitely goes to the hip-hop community.

Read the link here!

Windows OSX Tiger, er, I mean 7... FAIL!

Check this out from Fake Steve's blog... 

Classic Microsoft. They put 22 people in India on the job of arranging 7,000 dominoes into a Windows 7 pattern. Check out what happens at 1:25 into the video. Little hint: It's the same thing that will probably happen when you run Windows 7 itself.

TaySquared: 2 is better than ONE!

Looks like TaySquared (or t2) have been spending a lil' bit of time shackin' up in some hotels! 

Hey - ain' no shame in it... even country girls need good lovin', ya know? And she was treated badly by mean girls in high school, so why not flaunt it if you got it! Besides, Lautner isn't bad to look at...

... and word is he endorses....

Hey... when two is better than one... go with a Magnum!

Have fun TayTay, but be safe!!! AND... DON'T LET HIM CHEAT!

More pics are here! 

Britney! New CD art and more!

The Zombas are pretty pumped. Britney's about to drop her video for 3, a song which teaches small children to count not endorsed by PBS, on the world in a few days, so they're shooting out the Promoganda!


Seriously, she's the best produced entertainer of our time... and they generally do an amazing job with her image, so I think you should go get this. And no, I did not take any promoganda, hotel rooms on low floors because i'm afraid of heights, laptops which need to be shipped to my new address, televisions, electronics or more to write this.

Here's their Zombatic Promoganda... crafted by a zealous intern in the Casa de Riccitelli in the Empire City of Weiss... 

Spears Uses Twitter To Premiere New “3” Video On Friday, October 30th At 10AM EST

New York, NY- Today marks the beginning of the 3-day countdown to the unique video premiere of Britney Spears’ current smash hit single, 3 (← click on link to stream).  Spears has chosen twitter to launch her “3” video through a series of Twitter-based events, culminating in the “Premiere Tweet” this Friday, October 30th.

Each day leading up to the premiere Spears will release something special for fans: Today, 3 screen grabs (one every 3 hours) will be released via TwitPic on Britney’s Twitter.  On Thursday (tomorrow), every 3 five second video clips will be released every 3 hours on TwitVid and made available as downloads on andBritneySpears.comThe five second clips will be released in non-consecutive order and fans will be challenged to piece together the 3 clips to create the full 15 second teaser clip.

On Friday, Britney will Tweet the URL to the 3” video premiere at 10AM EST.

Spears has proven herself a pioneer in the online marketing forum. She was the first artist to hit the one million follower mark on twitter and remains # 2 overall with 3.6 million followers. In addition, Britney was the first artist to launch a line of virtual gifts with Facebook and currently has 2.4 million fans on her Facebook Page,

The “3” video was directed by Diane Martel,  the record-breaking song is from Britney Spears’ upcoming album The Singles Collection which hits stores on November 10th.  The Singles Collection contains 17 of Spears’ most popular songs. An ultimate fan box set will be released on November 24th and in addition to “3,” the set has 29 chart-topping songs, special packaging, remixes and a booklet with iconic images and fun facts about each track.

A must have for every Barbie collector and fan!

Nothing like waking up, checking some tweets and coming across this one from

I guess the makers of Barbie are now introducing Palm Beach Sugar Daddy KEN...

For $81 bucks, your daughter can live the life of the Palm Beaches while he flurts senselessly with Skipper - provided she's over 18 but younger than 25. Yup. And soon, they'll launch Barely Legal Brittany... who at 18 is looking for Sugar Daddy Ken to get her the things she deserves in life 'cuz she's got daddy issues... you know, like fake Boobs, botox, endless mani/pedis, a Barney's card - cuz Nordstrom is just tooo ghetto.

Available in 2010... get your little ones ready!

Here's more:

Sugar Daddy Ken is described as wearing a "dashing jacquard-patterned jacket with a light pink polo shirt and crisp white pants." The product description says Ken "is ready for Palm Beach social season, sunning by the pool and a stroll with his little companion." Little is too large of a word to describe that super tiny dog that is not much higher than Ken's shoes. Sugar Daddy Ken also comes with "swim trunks" so Ken can remove his crisp white pants and hang out by the pool. Sugar Daddy Ken will not be available until April 2010. It is sold for $81.99 from Entertainment Earth.

MJ autopsy photos leaked soon??!

From: @CelebNation
Sent: Oct 29, 2009 7:54a

Michael Jackson Autopsy Pictures Leaked?:  PopEater is reporting that photographs of Michael Jackson's autopsy ..

Not sure I want to see these pics, but am curious to read just exactly how much plastic surgery he had... 

Leadership lessons from a great General...

  1. Never be afraid to make people mad: “good leadership involves responsibility to the welfare of the group. Some decisions you make may upset certain individuals; this is inevitable. Trying to be nice to everybody will only invite mediocrity and compromise your goals as leader.” I’m a believer that it’s okay to make people mad, as long as we’re making a point that we believe in and are professional in how we communicate it. When I was younger, I had the tendency to be too outspoken. Over the years, I’ve learned diplomacy.
  2. The soldiers stop bringing their problems is the day you have stopped leading them: “make yourself accessible and available. Too often, asking for help is seen as a sign of weakness, which leads to cover-ups and poor performance. Show your concern for the people below you.” Are your direct reports afraid to come to you? Find a way to convey that you’re open to any problems they have in their jobs, that you’ll work with them on discovering solutions.
  3. Don’t be buffaloed by experts and elites: “always question what the experts say, if you don’t understand. Don’t assume that they know more than you, and certainly don’t be cowed into accepting something that you don’t fully understand.” When experts and elites are forced to breakdown complex ideas, you’ll be able to poke any potential holes in their position, if they were trying to hide problems with nomenclature or fancy words.
  4. Don’t be afraid to challenge the pros, even in their own backyard: “learn from the pros; seek them out as mentors and partners. But if you don’t agree with what they’re saying, let them know. Reputations shouldn’t be a hindrance to progress.” Similar to previous leadership, but with an emphasis on not getting psyched on being on the pro’s home court, where their power resides. Again, challenge the pros, but think to yourself, “How would Powell challenge them?” and then act accordingly.
  5. Never neglect the details. When everyone’s mind is distracted, the leader must be doubly vigilant: “all the ideas and visions in the world are worthless, if they can’t be implemented rapidly and efficiently. Good leaders delegate and empower others liberally, but they pay attention to the details every day.” I’ve seen managers and leaders unable to communicate the details of what going in their department. Bad for the leader, bad for the department. Remember, effective managers and leaders delegate, but always know all the details of what’s several rungs down the corporate ladder.
  6. You don’t know what you can get away with until you try: “don’t wait for permission–just get things done. If you ask too many people, one of them will say no. So don’t ask.” Act now, apologize later works for self-starters. If you have confidence and a proven record of getting things done, then this approach is a perfect fit with your style. When I take initiative, I do so on my own time, if it’s something I believe, then if the work fails to take off, my manager could never accuse me of working on the wrong stuff. My ideas worked 90% of the time, so I had confidence that I was usually on the right track.
  7. Keep looking below surface appearances: “don’t assume that today’s realities will continue tomorrow in a tidy, linear, and predictable fashion. Take steps to solve problems as–or, if possible, before–they emerge.” Like icebergs, we never know how things are under the surface. When you look, you’ll be surprised at what you learn, possibly saving your job, department, or company.
  8. Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish great deeds: “surround yourself with the brightest and the best. It will make the difference between organization and achievement.” If you’re threatened by people you’re hiring for your department, then you’re on the wrong track. Good managers and leaders hire people that exceptional in ways that compliment them, rather than feeling threatened or competitive with the job candidate. Don’t be small or petty, find the self-confidence to surround yourself with smart, accomplished people.
  9. Never let your ego get so close to your position that when your positions goes, your ego goes with it: “change is stifled by people who cling to their turf. Effective leaders create a climate where people’s worth is determined by their willingness to learn new skills and new responsibilities.” Working identity can be too narrowly defined, limited our self-image or to a specific job. I used to be attached to titles, when you work your way up the ladder, this happens. But when I changed from VP to entrepreneur, my working identity was off. I was no longer a VP. I didn’t know what to expect from being an entrepreneur. I had to change my perception and evolve my working identity.
  10. Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier: “leaders who cast blame or whine engender those same behaviors among their staff. Have an attitude that says, ‘We can change things here, we can achieve our goals, we can be the best.’” Does your team or department reflect you? Do you like what you see? If you’re self aware, you may be willing to admit that you team have a negative outlook, rather than a positive one. Value and teach optimism in work and in life. Life’s too short to always be looking at a glass that’s half empty.
  11. Have fun in your command. Take leave when you’ve earned it. Spend time with your family.: “finding the right balance is essential; a happy home life means greater productivity in the workplace.” I once failed to travel to one of my closes friends during a crisis. She’s like a sister to me, which why I should have traveled to her in time of need. I’ve never forgotten this lesson. We can’t change the past, but we can change how we behave from this moment on. Commit to not putting career ahead of your family.
  12. Command is lonely: “the buck stops here. The essence of leadership is the willingness to make the tough decisions. Prepare to be lonely.” Sometimes, we’re the only one, who’s willing to say, “I take responsibility. My department did it.” in a conference room, when none of your peers are willing to hold themselves accountable for less than stellar company performance. It’s also lonely, when you have to make the touch decisions that your team will not be happy with. You get paid to be the manager and leader, making the tough decisions. You’re not paid for being their buddy.
  13. ** stolen from the web, but I can't find the dude's website who had the great commentary... 

I guess I'm a little emotional this evening...

I've been sitting here in my living room for the last hour or so...

... okay, maybe two hours or so...

trying to figure out what to share tonight. My mind is going a million miles an hour lately for so many reasons, but for some reason I can't find a way to make everything just stop for long enough so that I can actually plot out some sort of rhyme and reason for this post tonight. Maybe I'll just spew a bit, and compose a bit, and see what comes up.

I've been a little emotional this week.

See, Monday, my parents told me that they were headed to Corpus Christi, Texas, which is for all intents and purposes is my family's hometown. I grew up in Houston, but might as well have had dual residency in both cities. We spent so many amazing times there at my grandparents' house growing up. There are so many memories...

... hunting easter eggs around the pool.

... the wonder of Christmas morning around an impeccable tree in the formal living room which was adjacent to the dining room where we'd had so many Thanksgiving dinners, which was just around the corner from the den with the couches that just had this way of making you fall asleep... after Thanksgiving dinner or after a day out at the King Ranch learning to shoot a gun with my dad.

I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a perfect family, but my family is pretty special. And it's because we're anchored... held together... by Meme and Papa. My grandparents. My dad's parents. I've said before that they were shining examples of what the greatest American generation could do. And I'll be damned if they didn't do it. They came from humble means. Farmers. Country. They served our country. They gave of themselves. They found incredible success through honest, hard work. They gave back, working to start and guide organizations which continue to give back in so many ways. They raised a family. Owned a home. Lived the American dream.

But most of all, they loved each other. Married for over 50 years, they did it right.

While I was in Lancaster, God called Papa home. My daughter never had the chance to know the man who had so much knowledge to impart on me at so many times when I was a child. He was a quiet man, with an amazing smile, but who led his employees by example and who guided his family in the same way. This was a man who could have played professional baseball, but who believed that serving our nation in World War Two was more important than playing a game. He came home, and unleashed his inner entrepreneur by doing something he loved - photography. And he did it well. In fact, he did it so well that the business he co-founded stood for 50 years in South Texas, while chains came and went and while technology evolved again and again. A champion of the American dream, he lived a full life and I believe lives on through the example he set, through the organizations he was a part of and in the hearts of my family... and me.

That was almost 10 years ago. And I know it wasn't easy for my grandmother. Her partner in this life left  before life was ready to let her continue on with him into the great beyond. So she pressed on, carrying on his work as best she could with the business and in life. I'm certain the emotional toll was tough, but with love - from my Dad and his Sister, and our extended family, I think she gave her full measure until life... and something else... brought her to the crossroads we'll all eventually face in this life. After a life lived full, Meme just couldn't physically keep going. The business, and my grandparent's staff of loyal employees, brought operations to an end...

.... as Alzheimers continued to take it's toll on my grandmother's mind and body.

A few Christmases ago, I introduced Kyla to the matriarch of our family. I could tell her mind was fading at times as afternoon in my grandmother's life started to give way to evening. I told Kyla at that time, not knowing if she'd ever understand what I meant, that "you will meet the woman in our family that I hope you can become one day. She's someone I've loved unconditionally for as long as I've been alive. Someone who has been there for your Papa and for me regardless of anything. She's a woman of grace, love, refinement, hard work and everything amazing, and I hope you are the one who can continue her legacy..."

Yeah. I said this. She was three.

Seeing them together for the first time made me tear up. The foundation of my family... and the promise of what is to come had intersected in this life for the first time...

Later that year, during the summer, we went to Corpus Christi, to the family's homestead. Kyla came with me and the woman I was seeing at the time. Again, it was magical. To see Kyla playing where I'd hunted easter eggs... opened presents... swimming in the pool I'd swam in as a kid. Things began to blend... life began to weave... and the fabric of time began to reveal itself.

But I know even then that Alzheimer's and time were taking a toll on the matriarch of our family.

That brings me to today.

The sun is setting on a life well lived, and all I can do is watch from a distance. All I can do is hear updates from my parents on how this tremendous force in my life is walking into the evening of a life well lived. How time continues to take it's toll... and how this Alzheimer's continues to rob my grandmother of the moments and memories which in the end are all we have in this life.

She's 91. She'll be 92 on Thanksgiving day.

But I am hopeful. Perpetual optimism is, after all, a force multiplier.

And I don't know if she'll be here to meet her 92nd milestone.

Tonight, I'm thinking of Kyla. I'm praying that she will become the woman I pray she can be. She carries with her a name - the name - of a woman who lived a tremendous life, who supported an amazing life partner, and who has made a difference. If she can even do a fraction of what my Meme - her Great Meme - has done, then she will have lived a life full of happiness and grace.

I pray that the spirit of my grandmother will take root in the life of my precious little one... so that what she was will continue to touch and change the world... as Kyla becomes who she is to be.

From Washington, goodnight.


No one should be robbed of their memories because of age or illness. That, my friends, is one of many reasons why I support extensive funding of health care and research, the creation of a public option, and the exploration and innovation without limitations which can bring us to find cures to diseases which rob us of life and happiness. We've won two world wars. Freed the world. Travelled to the moon and back. We travel into the stars and live among them for months on end. It's our destiny to discover a cure to this disease and any other disease which robs anyone of life, love and happiness. And, it's our responsibility to ensure that health care is recognized and accepted as a fundamental human right... like the right to an education and the pursuit of life...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I quit... the international version...

These are British people. They play a part in this post...

So, there's this game that radiodiscjockeyserrybodyyyyy like to play.

It's not the HOT GIRL CHECK IN (or cell phone, or hot mom, or hot whatever....)

It's the zanyfun game called I QUIT! Usually, the radiodiscjockeyerrrybody will call a Wal Mart or Winn Dixie in the deep south and berate whomever answers the phone until they hang up. And that's all well and good and whatnot....

... but I don't like to do things like everyone else. And I did that I QUIT bit way back in the day so I can't say I haven't...

.... but I've never gone and taken the bit international til now.

So I terrorized some British people like the ones above. And I quit.

Hear it here!

Can't wait for the phone bill... LOL!

British artist Carmen Reece came by...

She's new. She stopped by today... and we played her song, and, well, I interviewed her.

In my British alter-ego.

Check this out...

the Kyla Family Podcast (10/27)

Kyla is obsessed with a boy. Oh boy. She's five.

Hear the Kyla Family Podcast here!

Those COCKS... are COVERED!

Yup. Down there in Cola City, home of Steve Spurrier, they have a university. USC.

The University of South Carolina... home of the GAMECOCKS!
And they just took the top spot in a SEX survey.
Long and Short of it, those COCKS are covered down there in COLA town.


Read more here!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Football JESUS... MNF edition!

Just in time for tonight's game... IT'S THE FOOTBALL JESUS PODCAST... MNF EDITION!


The truth hurts! They're doing something about it! Click here!

the DIRTIEST words on TWITTER...

found and updated in real time... HERE!

Wow. What will we think of next?

It's called Tweeagle... today's word is CHOCHA. Wow.

Compelling stuff on health care...

OMG... this is just NUTS... for some Mayonaise Jingle...

This has some words that are dirty...


Kyla Montana... Party in the USA!

So she puts her hands up, FLZ was playin' her song and the butterflies flew away...

But I'm not havin' her move her hips like YEAH... at least not for 13 more years...

How awesome? Lil' Kyla Montana... appearaing now at trick or treats near you...

Let's go WIGWAMS... LET'S GO!

I'm ready for some Monday Night Football. After spending all Saturday and Sunday in Tampa, and missing the NFL redzone, I'm in need of some FOOTBALL to recharge my soul!

So... I wore this back from TPA to BWI yesterday and got a bunch of hi-fives, a few pic requests and even more laughs...

Anyway... it will be a great game! Check back here for a special MNF rap with the football jesus, who I missed talking too yesterday because I was traveling back all afternoon...

PS - Southwest - you still ROCK... love you guys.

Miley's lil sis...

Miley's Sister is NINE: Happy Halloween! Would you let your kid go out like this?
toby knapp
apd :: afternoons
wiht washington dc

"I live a crazy life..."

"I live a crazy life," Kyla exclaimed at the Target by the Brandon Town Center - incidentally the first place I found when I settled in Tampa almost eight years ago. Well, it might even been about eight years this weekend that I landed in Tampa to talk to an old boss and now friend about working for him at that legendary station.

"Why do you have a crazy life, Ky?" I asked as we made our way through the trial sized aisle so I could get some travel sized shaving cream en route to the toy aisle.

"Because you live in DC, and I live here and, it's just crazy..."

For a minute I didn't know what to say. It was the first time she'd ever brought up the fact that her mom and I don't live together, are not together and have managed to raise her to this point together.

"It could be crazier, Kyla" I said as we trucked toward the toy aisle.

"I know Daddy," she said and then she changed the subject. "So what toy do you think I should get tonight, or should I get a game???"

I should also add that she proceeded to tell the man checking us out at that Target that she lives a crazy life...

"Do you know I live a crazy life??" she said to him. He looked at me. I looked at him and laughed. He said "kids are just so honest".

"You have no idea" I said.

Turning to Kyla he said, "Why is your life so crazy..." to which Kyla proceeded to explain that I live in our nation's capital and her mom lives in Florida and it's just... 'CRAZY' she said to this man - a total stranger, but with whom she seemed not to mind knowing that she, well, feels like she lives a crazy life.

The man laughed and looked at me and I said, "well, her mom and I both talk for a living..." to which he laughed in agreement.

"Ahhhhh that makes sense now..." he laughed as he handed her the new Curious George game I got for her.  "Doesn't it?" I added as I thanked him for his time and wished him a good evening.

This game, by the way,  was one she played with her friend Hana during a sleepover here. She told me all about it during our sleepover in my hotel room at a new Hilton Garden Inn. Among other things.

During our day together, I listened with wonder at how verbal my little munchkin has become. I listened as she told me about her friend - one of her best - I take it - named Miranda. This Miranda and Kyla seem to have some bit of drama going on over this one named Wyatt, who, I take it is a boy who Miranda and Kyla both, ahem, like.

"We're still both trying to figure out who is his first girlfriend and who his second girlfrend is," She told me as we were swinging at a park behind her school. "Well, don't be anyone's second girlfriend," I told her. "If you can't be his only one then he's not worth it" I added. I'm not sure if she got it but I said it anyway.

Then she revealed to me even more truths.

"I sometimes wear boy underwear to school," she told me. I don't really care about this because if she wants to wear Diego boy underwear, well, then she'll one day enjoy the Hanky Panky boyshorts.

"I wore it because I thought the boys would like me if I did and told them I was doing it," she said to which I added, "well, in 15 years, you'll be wearing boyshorts all the time and they won't have any problem with it." She just laughed and kept on swinging on that swing. Again, I'm not sure if she got it, but I guess maybe she did on some level.

She told me more...

"Well I can't figure out Wyatt, Daddy," she said. "I tell him I think he has nice clothes, and he doesn't tell me he likes my clothes..."

Now that pisses me off. She wears clothes that would make my contemporaries jealous. I'm not brand-name dropping but she's in good hands in the clothing department. I used to date someone who taught me a ton about brand consciousness and, well, since I can't wear the clothes, I decided that I'd wear them  vicariously through my daughter.

"Well, he may not know what True Religions are, Kyla, but someday he will and I guarantee you his mom knows..."

Again, a laugh. Then we went to play the Curious George game, investigate a caterpillar, and more. This after an evening of games, movies, stories, and a morning of swimming and waffles for breakfast and more.

All in all, I guess I had my first substantive conversation with my little girl that let me know that she's growing up. In as much as one can grow up in Kindergarten. She was confiding in me about some things, telling me some things, asking me for advice in some things...

... and letting me know that she's got some concerns about some things that, well, I guess she knows will ultimately work out for the best in the end.

"It would be really crazy if you and my mom got back together," she said while I was driving her back to her mom's condo before I had to hit the airport to come back to DC. I laughed. She laughed.

The she said, "I love you daddy daddy daddy!"

Then Miley came on XM21 in my rental car. A car I rented because it looked like Bumblebee from the Transformers movie. Bumblebee is her favorite. Although the one I had was all black. And black is slimming.

"I love you too munchkin," I said...

"And stop messin' with this Wyatt business..."

She laughed.

Let me tell you. You girls are something else. For some reason I don't think that these thoughts change too much over time. The discourse might become more mature, or diverse, or dynamic, but at it's core I bet it comes back to something pretty similar.

I guess I better keep studying the language of Venus. Where's my Marie Clare?


Friday, October 23, 2009

promoganda - the little david archuletta with his eyes closed...








MTV 3:10PM

more airdates:


Sat 10/24 8:10pm

Mon 10/26- 6:30am


Well there you are again, life. You just find a way to show up sometimes. And now, I wonder at the wonder that you bring at times. I've no idea why, or how, but you come unexpected, yet with a standing invitation to enter into any equation and bring thoughts which could be best described as radical.

Or insane. Or impossible. Or unlikely.

Isn't that what you do, life? You push us into the impossible to find possibility? Thrust us into the unlikely to see what likely could be - or what could have been? Prod us into insanity so that we can again find what makes us sane?

Well here you are again. And again you've served as the catalyst for a mind that's now going a million miles an hour through the photographs called moments in my mind. Moments of the life I live. Moments of the life I've lived.

And by chance, I take it - knowing that you don't let anything happen by chance, again you've forced me to cross paths with a path less traveled by yet have moved beyond. So here I am wondering again what you're getting at. Why you've allowed some things to happen to some who don't deserve them. Why you've set up some I know for heartache while they navigate the waters of a storm called betrayal. Why you'd subject some to these storms knowing that there are innocents who will be tossed in these waves you're bringing in some lives. While this isn't happening to me, life, did you know that by some happenstance some would reach out to me to escape for a while the pain of this storm you've brought their way?

Sometimes I can't figure you out, life, my old friend. So I've stopped trying, and instead just work on living. Not knowing. Wondering about more. Sometimes asking what if but mostly knowing that, like the Creed song says, "with every tomorrow there comes another life..."

Maybe distance makes the heart grow fonder. Maybe we live our lives to become better for the next time, life, you bring us to these interesting intersections. Not knowing what will be, but knowing that for some reason, life, you wanted things to happen. For events to occur. To show us what we deserve, what we don't want, what we can be, and what we were once so that we'll never be what was again.

Impressive, Life, that you've been at this since the beginning of time. For so many.

Well, my old friend and companion, I'm going to attempt to sleep. I have a munchkin to go see. Things to do before that happens which need my attention...

... and now, thanks to you, someone who needs to know that they're in my thoughts, prayers and that my heart has been stirred by what you've got them going through. Amazing, how, life, you bring us full circle.

Even more amazing, Life, is how you find a way to remind us at times that the past can indeed be a prologue.

Take care of my old friend tonight, life. Keep them safe. Bring them peace. And let the sun shine for them tomorrow.

Now let me sleep, Life. I'm tired. But thank you for your company. I enjoy when you reveal yourself in the quiet of now.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


It's quiet here again tonight. I have to get up early in the morning for a few things, and will have a busy day tomorrow....

... but Saturday will soon be here and I'll be there, in Tampa, to see you.

I feel like you must feel knowing Santa Claus is coming. In fact, I feel like I will be awake until I get on the plane to fly down there to see you and how you are doing. How things are going. To hear about school, the dentist, how things are with mom, and how things are going with your new friends there.

And mostly, I just can't wait to see you so I can hug you.

Yeah. Mostly just to hug you. And to feel you in my arms again, little one.

And to tell you how much I love you... and miss you.

Im going to try to sleep. Maybe I'll find you in the land we each share when we dream.

Until then, and until Saturday afternoon, know that I'm so proud of you...

... and so proud... to be your daddy.

Goodnight, Kyla.

The thing about life is....

... that it's not about where we've been. It's about where we're going. And how we've lived. And, like the Script song that American Idol Kris Allen covered says, we've got to at times "live like we're dying."

That's why I was riveted this morning to my Blackberry listening to the MJ Morning show on my old station in Tampa. And while I don't like to look back in life too many times because I believe we live with forward momentum, today, I kinda had too take a look back as the world got to hear a reunion between two people who together - along with an amazing cast of supporting players - made what was the most talked about - and most imitated morning show in the history of what I do.

What they did is imitated every morning in city after city even to this day. The difference? They did it all first... almost a decade ago. And they won. Time after time, again and again. They received more awards and honors than most any other show anywhere could hope to receive. They were, simply put, the best.

Then, earlier in the year that I arrived in Tampa, 2001, it all came to an end.

There were whispers as to why. Rumors. Stories. Innuendo. Sensational things which you'd not even believe were possible if they weren't grounded in some truth. I won't get into those stories. I won't speculate on things. And despite all of these things - a fierce sense of loyalty for BJ permeated the consciousness of the place I worked. A fierce sense of belief that despite whatever had happened, his passion for the game of radio... for the art of radio and even for the science of radio... would carry him through as he continued down the path of wherever life would lead him.

I admired that loyalty. I admired the good of what I heard. Hell, I even admired some of the stuff which might have made some raise an eyebrow.

Read into that what you will.

He might have been gone, but his spirit lived on. In so many. And that spirit is what instantly burned an imprint into my radio soul that first day a kid from Market 121 pulled up at 4002 Gandy on a weekend to "see where I'm gonna have to work on Monday..." to assume the role of Assistant Program Director and Afternoon Drive at the station.  It was a spirit of working as hard as we played, but play only when the work is done. It was this fire of believing that we could do anything... that we could succeed despite any obstacles or odds which might come our way. It was a belief that we had two families... our physical family... and the family which was in the fight with you...

Tampa - if you let it - has this way of, well, making you make a choice. Either you dive in... all in... and keep some control so that you don't let it consume you - or you stand on the sidelines wondering what everyone else is doing because you just can't understand it. I think everyone there dives in to an extent. Some people dive in and stay away from the deep end of the pool. Others test the deep end, swim out, swim down, and swim back to where they can touch the bottom. Still others swim into the deep end... hang on the wall, relaxing and having a great time or whatever but aware that there's nothing under them which can give them footing. Regardless, there's this thing about Tampa that, well, just requires that you push some edges in life to find out where they used to be.

You do, and you'll find yourself. You overdo it, and it will consume you. Regardless, it will define you.

BJ pushed edges. Some he pushed more than others, but you can't deny the impact he made on modern CHR radio. As a talent and as a programmer. And that's why now, as his life has gone on, he has continued to be successful as a programmer and talent. And that's why he continues to inspire me.

He pushed edges. He went there when he shouldn't have. He took his stations to levels that were scary, but which brought amazing success to the companies and teams which came along for the ride. He pushed edges in his personal life - and, he's said all he needs to say about that in my opinion. After all, when you live life - and when you live life like you're dying, you keep moving. You look back for motivation and inspiration, but you don't live in that past. When you've wronged some... and when you've wronged yourself, you atone and you apologize. Life may not offer forgiveness immediately, but if the atonement is real, and if the passion in the heart of one is true, it will eventually reveal itself because it's part of what is an amazing universal bond that the passionate share.

It's what I heard this morning on I heart radio.

How appropriate. Part of the reason I heart radio like I do is because - well - there was a morning show that had the balls to put up a billboard of mugshots of themselves up alongside OJ... right about the time he was standing trial for the death of his wife and Ron Goldman. Part of the reason I heart radio is because that team was amazing and BJ embodied the kind of programming philosophies that I always hoped I'd one day be able to be a part of.

And part of the reason I heart radio is because you can make a comeback in this industry... and this life... and thanks to the power of what we do now, it can be broadcast worldwide... and maybe - just maybe - it can touch a life. Make a change. Inspire someone to something greater and even motivate someone to over come.

I say that knowing that I've sinned my sins in this life and career.

But we live like we're dying. And we keep living. And that's what this life is all about.

I met BJ when I was in Tampa once. We all went to a BUCS game. At the time there were four people who had been PD of FLZ, and  they each just happened to be in Tampa at the same time. Huge names. We had this house near RayJay that we threw these pre-game tailgates at. It was all pretty surreal. Anyway, one Monday night game, I was live at the house when they arrived. The FLZ PD's had had dinner or something - I don't know, but it was at that time I met BJ. He didn't know any more of me other than what I assume he'd heard from our mutual colleagues, as I'd never worked for him. But I certainly knew of him. See, I try to make it a point to know about leaders I respect and admire. I remember telling him that night that it was an honor to meet him and that if I had 1/10th of the career that he'd had along the way that I'd be able to retire a legend.

In this case, now, I've learned that some legends live on. Why retire when you're just getting warmed up in life? The striking thing about BJ is that even through all he went through, brought on himself or whatever, that man pressed on. He lived his life. He's overcome. He keeps overcoming because he keeps on living.

That's the secret. Overcome. And live life.

I remember Mack telling me once after I left Lancaster, while we were all out in Tampa at 2001 Odyssey, that one of our former coworkers asked him once why "people like Toby always end up with the dream gigs in places like Tampa..." I didn't have an answer then.

I do now. Here it is:

Why don't you push the edges - like BJ and so many others before him have - and find out? 

Here's to the spirit of that team which will forever stand... long after we've come and gone...


Karmatic wisdom...

From: @tonyrobbins
Sent: Oct 22, 2009 1:24a

"Great hearts send forth steadily the secret forces that incessantly draw great events." Ralph Waldo Emerson So true!

toby knapp
apd :: afternoons
wiht washington dc

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You a BON JOVI fan??? Check this out!




* * * *

WHAT: Without leaving the comfort of their homes, music fans across the globe will have the exciting opportunity to see Bon Jovi perform LIVE. This exclusive concert event, broadcast from the band’s home state of New Jersey, will be streamed in real time at and will also be available as an embeddable video player. The event also features a special announcement of interest to fans worldwide.

WHEN: Thursday, October 22, 2009 beginning at 12:00 noon

(Program repeats after first live showing).


MORE: Having sold more than 120 million albums and performed more than 2,600 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 34 million fans, Bon Jovi is at their best when they’re on the move, and that’s more true now than ever before.

The November 10th, 2009 release of Bon Jovi’s new album, The Circle, provides a powerful reassertion of Bon Jovi’s commitment to the hard-hitting rock & roll that has been the band’s indelible signature since it began more than 26 years ago.

NBCWASHINGTON.COM reporting the facts...

Again I ask you have you got YOUR shirt yet???

Awwww yeah! For when YOU need 2 GO!

This is great... FOX here locally interviewed this dude AFTER OUR STELLAR podcast with him!

Click here to check out OUR podcast with him... we wuzz first to recognize this AMAZING product!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

RiRi has a new song... Breezy is gonna tour...

From the Don Riccitelli Family of Marketing aka Zomba in NYC...




Portion of Ticket Sales to Be Donated To Best Buddies International and The Jenesse Center

New York, New York - Chris Brown is gearing up to do a small, 19-city “Fan Appreciation” tour to acknowledge and thank his fans for their on-going support. The tour begins at the House of Blues in Houston, Texas on November 14th and is conceptualized for and with “fans only” in mind, so intimate venues were selected for these concerts.

A portion of the proceeds from this tour will be donated to Best Buddies International. Founded by Anthony Kennedy Shriver in 1989, Best Buddies is the world’s largest non-profit organization devoted solely to providing friendships, jobs and leadership opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. While on tour, Chris plans to visit with Best Buddies participants, as well as encourage his fans to consider volunteering their time to work with those in their own communities who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Jenesse Center, based in Los Angeles, will also receive a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales. The Center, founded in 1980, is a non-profit organization that provides culturally sensitive comprehensive, centralized base of support and services. Their goal is to empower and equip women and men, address the needs of the children and strengthen families for the next generation.

Tour dates are as follows:

Date City Venue

November 14 Houston, TX House of Blues

November 15 Dallas, TX Palladium

November 18 Los Angeles, CA Avalon

November 19 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore

November 22 Richmond, VA Landmark

November 25 Detroit, MI Royal Oak

November 26 Chicago, IL House of Blues

November 29 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revolution

December 1 Orlando, FL House of Blues

December 2 Atlanta, GA CenterStage

December 4 Washington, D.C Warner Theater

December 5 Providence, RI Lupo’s

December 6 Boston, MA House of Blues

December 11 Baltimore, MD Sonar

December 12 Wallingford, CT Chevrolet Theater

December 13 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory


If this doesn't piss you off, and you have no job, then I don't know what will.

Read this.

Good luck, Goldman... once these people at Gawker discover what you're doing with all that money, the ish as it were will hit the fan...

... and it won't be pretty!