Thursday, September 10, 2009

Words from the people on health care...

Good morning.

I wondered last night as I tried to drift off to sleep if I made any sense on the health care post I put up after the President's speech. I don't know all the answers to this debate and I don't pretend too either...

... but then the comments started coming in from readers. Some on Facebook. Some here. This one moved me a little bit:

I'm reading this and I do not have health care. My son and husband have it through my husband's company, but we can't afford to pay another $100 a month for me. Yet, because my husband and I work, I'm not eligible for Medicaid. I currently have, what I assume to be, an inner ear infection. I will not know for sure because I can't afford to go to the doctor. Yet, this morning, I received an email from the RNC (I was unknowingly subscribed to their email list after I sent an email to my congressman regarding an unrelated matter.) that called me an unpatriotic, socialist because I want health care. Apparently, you are only a good American if you want to pay out the nose for your health care coverage and you believe insurance should be considered a business that deserves to make BILLIONS from other people's suffering.

She's right. We've got to do something for the MILLIONS like her.

Big health care company CEO's make MILLIONS. They get BONUSES which would make you SWOON. Just a fraction of one of these bonuses could provide basic care for those who need it most in any city anywhere in America.

Google it. Then decide to do something about it. We can iron out the details, but we MUST get it done.

Off to talk to Heidi Montag. Check back for this one in a few... 

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