Friday, September 11, 2009

What is Joe Wilson really thinking... what does his face give away...

One of the coolest trips I've been on in the last year was to a FOX LA junket prior to the launch of LIE TO ME. The show is amazing. 

The science behind the show is brilliant.

Micro-expressions. We all have them. We can't hide them. We can try quickly to change them, but in 1/25th of one second, your face will give you and your real feelings away. You can't fake it. You can't deny it. It's a primal thing which is prevalent in all people - and it's scientific fact. You can't shake the science.

So knowing some rudimentary things which I was taught over a few hours one day changed the way my interpersonal conversations have been. I can see these things now embedded in initial reactions. And while I'm not the best at it - that's what Dr. Paul Ekman's job is - well, now I look for things.

And nothing tells a story about someone's true thoughts like a picture. 

So take a look at this:

Google around for some more pics that are larger. Take a look at the flare in his nostrils. His eyes. That point. The dude to his right's face gives it away too. 
Contempt. Disgust. 
Anger. Bordering on hate. 

And these are our elected officials? 

If you don't believe me, search for "understanding and decoding micro-expressions.". 
Science can't lie. It's fact. 
Take a look at this - from when Wilson decided to try to ask for campaign cash... what do we see when we look for micro expression? 

Go to and get a larger picture. He hates that he's even had to apologize. Look at his lips. His eyes. Take a look at his nostrils - flared - as if he can't stand the smell of something totally foul... a sure sign of disgust - at least to my untrained eye. See any contempt? Watch the training again and see what you see... 
Here's another good pic FULL of micro-expressions... 

Pelosi - Shocked. And surprised. Mostly she can't believe this ISH just went down... 
Biden - Pissed and ready to fight - notice the eyes are down and the brow... 
Obama - not happy, but looks like he's ready to laugh at this clown. I will say this - that smile isn't genuine... notice there are no crows feet there. 
But he held his cool and maintained his presidential stature. 
Okay I was politicizing on Obama a bit but he totally held his tounge... but take the test here and see what you see... 

A picture tells a thousand words. A microexpression reveals a million more which are unspoken. 

Joe Wilson... do you realize what YOU just revealed? 

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  1. TK-- Good post. I don't think it's wrong to assume that Rep. Wilson had some hate, anger, contempt and disgust on his face. His words spoke loudly across both parties and I do not believe that they would have been as powerful had those strong emotions not been behind him, and clearly showing on his face. BUT, it's worth noting, as long as we're politicizing, that Sen. Reid had similar if not more inflammatory remarks about Bush. In reality, we need more people who are passionate, like Reid and Wilson, in government. It would spark more healthy debate with our elected leaders and hopefully eliminate fully partisan politics in legislation.

    A few people have compared his outburst to the moments of debate in the British Parliment, which make Rep. Wilson's moment look like a kindergarten dispute.

    No one does their constituents any favors by straddling the fence.

    But a great post today, even if we stand on opposite sides of the proverbial fence. HA!

    Jet Black