Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The war on TEXTING and DRIVING... IS ON!

IDK about you but I see it all the time. I've done it, as well...

Texting and driving. Do it and get caught, and it will cost you $500 bucks.
Some are taking this as seriously as fighting drunk driving!

Just saw this tweet from WUSA9...  New Device Prevents Texting While Driving : A company called CellControl is out with a tiny device that attaches to phones and prevents texting.

They had a huge conference on this today in DC... From the LA Times...

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood warned more than 200 attendees about the dangers of distracted driving and pledged to take action at the federal level to combat this "menace to society."

"Every single time you take your eyes off the road or talk on the phone while you're driving, even for just a few seconds, you put your life in danger, and you put others in danger too," LaHood said. "This kind of behavior is irresponsible, and the consequences are devastating."

Thoughts? Is this sorta thing overkill? Or is it about time?

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