Thursday, September 03, 2009

Totally related to what I do so only radio people will get this post...

Good Morning.

Usually, I try to work ahead so that I have some time to - well - take my time in the mornings.

This morning isn't one of those mornings.

But it's one of those mornings that reminds me why I love what we do.

See, last night, we caught a little minor execution issue in something. Nothing big, but something which required making a few bump and nudge changes on both ends. Again, nothing big. But it was enough that someone I respect had to go back into the office at midnight their time to correct a few things... just to make sure it was done correctly. Rather than delegating it out to a subordinate or a coworker, she went in and did what had to be done.

This morning, I'm in doing what has to be done as well.

The audience - will never know the difference.

That's what I call the power of passion. Doing what has to be done because it's what we love. Doing what has to be done because there's nobody better than us to do it.

And it's all the coffee I need on a morning like this - where I'm in just a little bit earlier to get the job done with perfection.

And old boss I had called it the "flawless execution of the basics..."

It's why if some form of competion were to come against this team I'm on from a thousand miles away - will never win.

In the words of another in my industry I respect...

Game On Mothaf***as.

Back to making the magic happen. More to follow.

Have an amazing day and thanks for listening...

... now, back to Dallas...


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  1. Your passion for your work is inspiring....