Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Back at FLZ, I'll never forget this time at a Mexican restaurant when Nick Daley, Eric Chase and I gathered to come up with ideas. Being a part of that creative team was something I'll always thank God - and I mean yes, the most high GOD, ALLAH, BUDDAH or whatever you want to call your deity - for. It was a once in a lifetime perfect storm.

Eric had a mic, set it up and we recorded our spew. And that night changed the way I brainstorm things forever.

With that as the backdrop, here's some pure random spew from my mind for you related to things we've talked about, that I've experienced today and, well, from the corners of my A-D-D mind. All neatly typed here for you to read.

I wonder how Kyla is doing. If she misses me. And if she knows just how much I love her.

I wonder how her old classmates are doing. Her teachers. The people who helped me raise her.

Is there anything I forgot to get done at work today?

In my personal life?

We got paid today.

Stick on the radio is far more talented than anyone ever gave him credit for when he was Wild Bill...

#ifiwererobmckenzie I'd wonder how he likes us now.

LOL at WESS and ESU. And WSBG for that matter.

"But every story has a beginning..."

Where is Rod Hendrix? LOL...

Had I known then what I know now, well, wow.

Stroudsburg was fun. So was HOT 97 under Susquehanna. And under Kid Kelly. God I learned so much there...

Some people say I'm blindly loyal to my past leaders at times. And that is wrong... why?

If Sid and I ever did mornings again would it be as fun as it was?

I shaved my legs that morning I stood in a toga in Scranton. In the middle of winter.

What if I would have done things differently from a personal perspective in Lancaster? I wonder if I'd be married today? Or would I have been married and divorced?

Jordan Walsh and Vince were amazing people too. And we did all that... with nothing.

Hello SuperShan.

Tampa was insane, crazy, amazing, unreal, crazy again, more unreal, and most of all a crucible in my life and we did some amazing things there.

DC is unreal.

Will I ever get back to the playing weight I was at when I arrived in Tampa?

Joe Wendler was a great trainer in Lancaster.

Ronnie Ramone and Mack were my closest professional and personal life advisors in the Lanc Lanc.

LOL the spaceship at 2001 Odyssey.

The record world needs someone like Cooter and Steve Ellis again.

Oh let the sun beat down upon my face... LOL.

I was once told I didn't have too many close friends. How that has changed. Thanks for the motivation.

What if I had served the universe from the top of the...

... would I still be me?

I love that we do radio in the style of the run-n-shoot offense... or that we make it look like we do.

The line between crazy and amazing is almost non-existant. One can't happen without the other.

I wonder if the people at KROQ know how many they've really inspired?

Where is Brian Bridgman?

LOL at nights at the Hard Rock Philly with friends and huge tabs... with no food.

LOL at calling to have wine delivered after last call at the Loews Philadelphia - while staying on the club level in a corner room looking at William Penn's statue at eye level.

We've got more to do.

Jack in B'More sounds amazing.

Someone asked me if I'm writing a book. I wanted to say but didn't want to say that the first one I write will be for Kyla so that she can understand it and read it to her friends.

There's nothing more precious to me than my daughter being proud of me.

I miss her. But will see her again soon.

She leaves funny messages on my voicemail.

"This is a very important message, Daddy, it will take a lot of minutes and will be loud and quiet but it's very important so I hope you listen to it..."

I should podcast it.

But then it wouldn't be special.

Jay Leno is doing his old show without a desk.

I liked that desk.

I liked Johnny Carson.

Thank god for David Letterman.

I wonder if Kyla is asleep right now.

She should be.

And I should be soon too.

But need to catch the Rachael Maddow and Keith Olberman replay.

Dallas is a great city.

That team is amazing, too.

What did I do to be able to be a part of so many amazing things professionally?

How did I survive in spite of myself so many times personally?

What a life.

Goodnight, Kyla. Daddy loves you.

Tell your mom hi.

And don't use the poop word to your teachers.

Spew off... for now.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Angela12:35 AM

    Toby, you are a truly amazing person and the world is better for having you in it. I mean that.

    And, oh my goodness, about the spaceship at 2001 Odyssey. I thought people were pulling my leg until I finally went in there. Freaking hilarious!