Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some AM thangs I'm reading...

Good Morning. It's sort of a gray day here in the Nations' Capital. I spent last night at home relaxing, as has become my new Friday night tradition. I miss having the munchkin cuddling up with me on our couch watching some sort of insanity, or fighting with her over the remote so that I can watch "dumb CNN news shows" versus "iCarly on Disney" and having our enlighting discussions on what our Box Turtle, Taxi, likes to eat that we like to eat.

Simple conversations so full of wonder. It's amazing what our children can teach us when we stop to listen to them. It's really so simple this life. Ask questions. Get answers. Ask more questions. Get more answers.
All in all, it's called learning.

So here's a few things I'm diggin this morning:

Michael Jordan gave a pretty awesome - and funny - speech as he was enshrined in Basketball's Hall of Fame. I thought of a friend and former coach who LOVES the BULLS and MJ when I watched this.

"Because limits... like fears... are often just an illusion." - Michael Jordan

To see the man and his greatness... and his humility... is just amazing. God keep me this humble should life give me this sort of success.

Read a great post with more here.

Staying with sports - Terrell Owens got his show renewed. Now I might need to TiVO this some more... Speaking of which, is Verizon Fios in our town yet? Is it cheaper - and better than the local Cable? Anyone know?

Read more on TO here.

So... here comes the next season of the Bachelor, which means it's time to turn to a gimmick to get more ratings... and they're gonna do an ALL STAR show coming up with past contestants starting out on a three day Mexican cruise. This should be interesting. I'm rooting for Kirsten - who is a mutual associate from my past, but who I think is a great person. I need to reach out to Matt White and Jon Borris to see if they've still stayed in touch with her to see if they know anything more. Add that to next week's to-do list.

Read more here.

What about this Tila Tequila.  I'm not sure what went down with her and this Shawn Merriman, but it apparantly wasn't enough to bring any charges against the NFL star. So what does this mean? Well, to me, it damages the domestic violence fight because apparantly, Tila lied. Or was BS and went loco and tried to play the woman card to damage an innocent man. That sort of thing just isn't right, Tila. So consider what happens now when people start to hate on you.

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Lindsay has some fake and bake orange self tan lines.

More from the Backseat Cuddler here. With witty commentary, too! LOL

Finally... wanna be First Daughter Bristol Palin's ex and baby daddy, Levi Johnson, is posing for Playgirl.

Oh boy.

Read more here.

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