Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So... about the Backstreet Boys...

I just got home from watching P!nk blow me away in Fairfax, just outside of DC... 

... where I sat next to the head of promotion for Jive Records... a man I've known for a long time, through many battles, who I consider to be a colleague but when we break it all down, he's a friend for 10 years at least... give or take a year or two.

Anyway, we spoke briefly about the 'boys... and it made me think of some stuff on the way home.

That's where you come in.

If I could talk to one of them about anything related to music, life and their career... who would you want me to talk to?

And since I think it's important to use whatever position this life and career afford me for you, what would YOU have me ask them?

Let me know your thoughts... and then, I'll ask.

I'm pretty sure they'll let me do it.

Leave your thoughts as comments here. I'll report back with more tomorrow...

Viva Don Riccitelli and his consigliere Joseph Daddio... and Bridgette, the one who keeps it all together, too!



  1. Camila1:27 AM

    Wow, that's cool!

    My question for Nick:
    - U seemed really excited about "Helpless" and this song apparently had a great potential, cool song, uptempo and with a hot collaboration (Pitbull), why this song is just a bonus track? Wouldn't be a great 1st single? Pitbull is hot, could attract the media's attention!

  2. Mykal-Ann1:36 AM

    AJ definitely.

    I would ask AJ: Would you ever get any of your tattoos removed? Why? If yes, which one(s)?


  3. Anonymous1:39 AM

    My question would be for Nick and I'd like for him to either be asked about his life now. Like does he have a girlfriend now? And basically like how he's talked a little bit about it in PEOPLE magazine before. Like is he still using a trainer to work out and basically a deep convo about his life and the battles he's went through with say his partying and stuff. It's so rare we get these type of in dept interviews so it'd be nice for him to be asked something different for a change instead of the usual, "Is Kevin coming back", "How's it with 4 instead of 5", etc.

  4. Okay I want Nick or AJ to answer this since they'll likely give the less PC answers....LOL

    2 parts:

    Why do YOU think BSB gets no respect on radio?

    What would you say to program directors nationwide to change mindsets??

    There are many more questions obviously, but I think these are the most prudent right now

    Thanks for 14 years of great music and memories....Here's to many more to come!

    God bless!

  5. Question for Nick - Is it fulfilling enough for you to know that you've got a loyal fan base who thinks that you make GREAT music? Or is there some other goal that you need to attain in order to feel validated (winning a grammy, selling thousands more records, performing to sold out stadiums, etc).

  6. Noelle2:09 AM

    I would really love for you to talk to all the guys.lol
    But to Nick, on a personal level I'd like to know, if he's willing:
    What was it like finding out about your heart condition, and then telling the world about your struggles? How did you tell your bandmates about your struggles? I find it all very brave of him to do, and I'm inspired by what he's been able to do for himself.

    OR if he isn't there but one of his bandmates is, What was their reaction to his news?

    For all the guys, or whoever you talk to:
    What was the song picking process really like with your record label, and did you really get everything you wanted on the album?

    What's your biggest joy and biggest disappointment about the music industry?

    And Toby, if you ever see the Jive exec. again, ask why more time and money doesn't get put into the Boys' promo like it does with other artists on their label? Esp. when they have the music that deserves it. Thanks for giving us the opportunity, I always enjoy your blogs too.

  7. Brian is the one that is always the most forthright and honest with the fans, so I would ask him:

    1.What is your take on the fact that the Backstreet Boys are never allowed to outgrow the "boyband" image, and why does it seem like the radio stations won't even give you an ounce of respect, which I feel you guys deserve so much. What do you feel is the solution to this problem?

    2. I know you're working on your next solo album. Can you share with us a little bit about a song you wrote for the album that is extra special to you? You can even sing a little bit of it, I won't complain. HaHa!

  8. My question is why the guys the guys never push the envelope when it comes to putting songs on the album and releasing singles? Trouble could have made it big as a single yet it was casted off the album. Helpless could have caught the attention of others because of Pitbull yet it was made into a bonus song. As for singles why wasn't something released that would have caught people off gaurd like PDA or This is us. I want nothing more then for the guys to succeed in their career and I just wish more wiser decisions were being made. Radio is tough now a days. You need to have something that will automatically capture the attention of the audience listening. STMH is a wonderful song but it just doesn't seem to do that for most people.

  9. Anonymous6:40 AM

    I would love to talk to all of them but I would want to talk to Brian the most,he would be the one who actually would answer honestly.
    My question to him would be do you think with the songs you chose that people that aren't fans would buy the album,you've talked about how the album is for music lovers of all ages but do you still feel that in the industry or even with non fans it's not ok to love the Backstreet Boys cause people still have you guys in that box of being a boy band?

  10. TRUE STORY!!!9:11 AM

    i think that the label needs to promote the boys better in the US especially...make the public and radio djs want to play BSB despite them being a "boyband". The boys have worked so hard all these years and theyre STILL around for a reason and deserve to get more recognition for all that they do!!

  11. My question is for all the boys:
    As you know, the whole album leaked on the internet at least a month before it's actual release in the stores and most of the songs (including some that didn't make the album) were out there way before, back in April/May. And that is not something that only happened to you guys.
    What are your thoughts about this new scenario? When you work so hard to make a great song but before you realize or want to your song is on youtube and being sent all over the world. What did you guys do when you found out it happened to you?
    xoxo, Nanda

  12. My question is for Brian, about his son: "what's the funniest thing Baylee has ever asked u about being a BSB?"

  13. Oh! I have another question LOL To all the boys: since they taped almost 30 songs to this CD and only 11 made to the CD, we all know they had a hard process to get to those "11 picked songs".. so.. how do they choose the songs that'll come to the show???? I really wanna know, cuz I really wanna see them performing "Undone" on stage LOL
    Tks for this opportunity!!! Have a great time with them! They're so funny! ;D

  14. I really don't mind which BSB you interview, although I'm sure Howie would probably be good at answering this one: When you're selecting songs to record, what is it about particular songs that jump out at you and say "Wow, we need to record that song, it's amazing." I've wondered for years what draws their attention towards particular songs.. is it a suggestion by someone else, or do you hear a particular melody or possibilities for harmonies, it sounding good on someone's voice, etc? Another thing I want to know: is it pretty unanimous or does someone have to sometimes "take one for the team?"

  15. Sarah1:01 PM

    I would love to know (from Brian or Nick) what song they recorded for the album, but didn't make it, to actually make the cut. Also why some fan favourites that leaked (Trouble, Helpless) didn't make the main 11 tracks when so many people expressed their like for them.
    Also, a general question, what is the most frustrating thing about recording an album? Thanks!

  16. Brian's always very well-spoken, so I'd love to have him interviewed.

    As for questions, I'd love to hear anything about the music. What is their creative process when writing songs as a group? Does he have a favorite track on this CD and why?

    Also, what does he think about today's "music scene" in America? In other countries, it is perfectly acceptible to continue to listen to an artist/group who has been around awhile if they still make good music. For whatever reason, though, this doesn't seem to be the case in America, where artists are expected to have a hit song or album, and then fade into the background.

    Thanks for blogging about this and asking for ideas!

  17. fanofbsb4ever1:53 PM

    I think people need to realize (unless i'm mistaken) that these questions are not for the boys. Tobi wants us to ask a question to JIVE. So I think it'd be good if you can ask them hard hitting questions such as:

    1. Why is Jive barely doing much to promote BSB's new album after all the $$ BSB has been bringing in for them.

    2. Why are they not exerting more effort to get BSB radio exposure. Don't they WANT more people to buy from THEIR record labels?

    3. What priority do they see BSB as compared to other artists

    4. how much say do they have in picking songs on the album and how do they decide what songs do not make it on the album

    5. what do they consider the backstreet image as? and what is their target market?

  18. Camila2:26 PM

    Question for Brian:

    You did everything right: an uptempo as 1st single, produced by RedOne, made a criative video, ... The song is great, but the djs refuse to play, specially in the big radios. And there's something that happens with some frequency: someone enjoy a BSB song, but in the moment that the person knows that it's a BSB song it's like "hum... actually is not that great, I really didn't like it". So what do you guys think you can do to change this?

    It's obvious that if others artists release the same songs, these songs would be a hit, but it's BSB and the people don't give a chance, it's frustrating!

  19. Ayse_Twitter3:03 PM


    Firstly I'd like to say "thanks" for taking us Backstreet fans seriously enough to make us a part of your interview.

    And secondly let me get to what I want :)

    I'd really like it if you could interview Nick and ask him to be straight up and honest about one thing: Who is sabotaging Backstreet Boys and why?

    Everytime they release a record they get the same old questions like 'what's it like getting back together' and any clip of Backstreet has the slogan "Backstreet's Back". Don't Backstreet management and RC brief the interviewers.

    When doing promo they stick to the small stuff and leave the top rated shows for everybody else. Why'd they do that? Why can't they have a carpet coverage type media blitz on tv, radio and mags? who is out to sabotage Backstreet Boys and why? What did they do. It just makes me so angry they everyone gets mega huge coverage and publicity and yet Backstreet Boys (an established group) get next to nothing. What is the point of either Jive or their management team if they can't do this? Do Backstreet think they're too good or something?

    Also why can't he let those of us who spent £150 per ticket for the Ticketmaster VIP experience meet him and have a photo?

    And finally can Nick please give a shout out to Superegirllondon on Live Daily.

    Thanks Toby

    Ayse_London via Twitter

  20. Anonymous4:03 PM

    I would like you to ask AJ if he really does like the music on new album, or if its just the bands way of sticking two fingers up at the people who didnt like 'Unbreakable'. Personally I think the new record is shite - and I cannot believe that serving the musical equivalent of a McDonald's cheeseburger because your clientele didn't like the five star menu you slaved on, is the way forward. If this is how its going to go, then for pete's sake make it your last album, boys, and start pursuing solo careers making something that doesn't belong on a children's disco at Butlins. And BTW - I doubt whether this is going to make them any more money than Unbreakable, but it will make them lose their following.

    Cheers Toby

  21. Tyler H.6:58 PM

    Hey toby id like you to ask they why Jive doesnt/and hasnt promoted the new record. They payed all this money to get them top of the line producers so they could have a solid record and now, they have some good songs on the record but no one will ever know because they arent promoted and Jive wont get them to be played on the radio. so can u find out why this is the case?

  22. Anonymous7:12 PM

    Great Idea,thanks for doing that.

    I would ask Brian The were lots of great songs and great people you have worked with on this record do you feel that the best songs made the album and it's the best it could of made it,How come some of the songs didn't make it could you talk about the thought process in this,was it a voting process and some songs that you may of liked didn't make it cause not enough votes were cast.
    Also do you feel this album has had enough promotion or gotten out there for people who aren't fans to know the Backstreet Boys are coming out with a new album This Is us check it out,do you feel that fans have done more than your label has? or are you guys happy with the way they are and things don't need to change or improve?

  23. Anonymous7:17 PM

    This question is to all of BSB I know you guys are busy and we love that you make amazing music for us and we love seeing you perform live but the BSB fanclub,is there any chance one of your or two of you could write a blog once in awhile talking about what's going on with you guys and I know when your busy you can't really do updates to much but there are fans there that pay to get some exclusive stuff and there's not to many things that are exclusive and btw we love that you guys are on twitter so much and want to make us be there with you with the updates so I thank you guys on behalf of everyone about that but a blog or two would be awesome too I am just saying.lol love you guys and thanks so much for everything you guys do.

  24. Hi Toby,

    My question to Brian, which is your all time favourite BSB album?

    I second Fernanda's question about the boys' thoughts on the leakage of some of their songs onto the net. And why is it that some of them eg. Hologram are not featured in the final album despite potentially being a favourite!

    I would like to thank the boys for an awesome performance at the F1 Singapore!! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! :D

    Thanks Toby for this and have fun talking to them!

  25. Ashley2:23 AM

    Hi Toby, first of all I would like to thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity. I would LOVE for you to interview Brian since he is the most forth-coming of the group.

    These are my questions:

    How do you feel about 'label politics'? And in which ways does conforming to the label's demands affect the music process itself? For example, as in putting together the track listing or picking a single.

    Was there a song in particular that you would have liked to have seen make the album that got cut?

    Did the responses to the leaked songs have any type of impact on the track list selection? Did it alter the way you previously viewed some of the songs?

    Straight Through My Heart is a good song, but I was wondering why you chose that as the first single over songs like Undone or other songs that did not make the album? It just seems like every time you guys release a song, you guys play it too safe and it ends up hurting the group. Why not take more risks!?

  26. For all of you: Did you guys enjoy your Tokyo time with Kev?

  27. Hey.. my QUESTION!

    Why songs like "Trouble," "Fallen Angel" among others, it won't be on the record?


    Can you give a surprise about the new tour?

    Greetings from MEXICOOOO!!

  28. Anonymous7:37 PM

    hi ?? mi pregunta es para ti mi alex ::¡¡ k dirias si nos topamos algun dia , y te enseñaba mis 2 tatus . veras uno es tu rostro y el otro unas letras muy sexys en mi espalda k dicen : sole and aj mclean ..aaahh es k te amo mi baby .
    bueno saluditos y buelve a chile pronto amor , bye

  29. Well My question is for AJ McLean:
    What you feel to know that you came this far in your career, that you have all that you have now, that you share your life with these amazing boys, with your brothers.
    Do you feel lucky to have all this, to lead the life that you lead now?

    How have been this change for you?

  30. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Hi I'm from Peru, and my question is for my only love AJ McLean, the man that make me happy, the man that admire, and I love with all my soul and my heart.

    Well I was wonder when you promote your solo cd, maybe you can came to Peru and make a concert to all of us!

    We love you so much and we would love to have you here.

    I just wanna wish you guys, good luck for "This is us" tour.
    You deserve this and more.

  31. clau mendoza10:59 PM

    I don't know if I'm in right time but anywys here goes my Q:

    Why do you think you're not taking serious by the people on the industry, you're GREAT singers, entertainers,dancers, etc and it seems like the people turns against you just because you're a "pretty" boys and they don't realize how amazing voices do you have. Trough the years I'm still wondering why this happen i just don't found a reason! If all of us can tell to the people how amazing you are...I think one of the things you have to do is make an MTV Unplugged I mean everybody has it one(and not to many deserve it...) and you, the ones with GREAT voices doesn't!!

    Thanks...Kisses and hugs from MEXICO, we're waiting for you =). Bye

  32. Hi My Questions is for Nick and it's very personal I hope he can answer. We all know he doesnt believe in marriage, but will he establish a relationship with someone who was married once and how does he know when it is getting serious without getting married? thank you.. Mexico Loves BSB

  33. Hi. MI question is: Which one is the most nervous? for example, can not stand a needle or a shot?

  34. My first question is:
    What is your favorite song from each of us is this and why?
    My second question is:
    which is the worst and best of being an artist
    and my last question is:
    nick advice would you give to someone who has been the same as you with problems you've had some time ago?

  35. Isabel2:27 AM

    Hello boys!

    I´m Isabel from Mexico

    I´m three question for you

    1)what is your greatest virtue and your greatest flaw?
    2)What would be the soundtrack of your life now?
    3)what do you think likes the girls of you?, aside from your wonderful voice, for exemple your eyes, your hands, what?

    Good luck with "This is Us"
    I love you

  36. hi
    Hideways I wanted to say that the action it did in el hormiguero in Spain were great better than I had hoped my first question is:
    What is your favorite song from each of us is this and why?
    My second question is:
    which is the worst and best of being an artist
    and my last question is:
    nick advice would you give to someone who has been the same as you with problems you've had some time ago? thanks

  37. hi
    Hideways I wanted to say that the action it did in the nest in Spain were great better than I had hoped my first question is:
    What is your favorite song from each of us is this and why?
    My second question is:
    which is the worst and best of being an artist
    and my last question is:
    nick advice would you give to someone who has been the same as you with problems you've had some time ago? thanks

  38. Toby first of all Thank You for giving us this opportunity!!

    I would like you to interview nick! My question is:
    Have you ever said to yourself:"I'm done with the BSB"? if you have, when and why?
    And, do you think you could say it right now, up to this point where you say the group is stronger than ever?
    I cant wait to see you in Italy :) :)

    I hope you will ask him this! Thanks again :)