Monday, September 28, 2009

Shopping at Wal Mart can HURT your CREDIT??

Take a look at this.

CNN is doing a fascinating series this week on privacy. From speed cameras to where you shop and what you buy, you're being watched.

Read more here. 

Who knew that going to Nordstrom to buy gifts on one card then going to Wal Mart for other things could hurt your credit?

Does this mean if you go to Whole Foods for some things and to Bottom Dollar or Bloom for others can hurt your credit, too?

What if I were to go buy some stuff from the Salvation Army or Goodwill on AmEx or Visa? Would that hurt my credit, too?

If you buy a lot of booze or make lots of trips to the liquor store, that can hurt, too!

Might want to think again before buying airline tickets on Priceline. Nope. That means you're trying to save money which must mean that you've got some financial problems or you're about to lose your job. Nope. Buy directly from the airlines.

But wait, if I fly Southwest... does that mean I'm a credit risk?

I will say this - I love American Express. It's the one card I carry that I love the most of all and I protect it with everything I've got because I know what it means to me. And it gets paid off in FULL monthly.

Heck, sometimes I even pay it off before its due just because... well... I know how powerful this card can be for me in my life.

Ditto my Visa and Mastercard.

But if shopping at Target and paying with AmEx or Visa means I'm a credit risk, then, today, my favorite card is my Target card.

But bottom line is I guess cash is still king.

Anyway, you should watch CNN this week to check this stuff out. It's almost scary.

And it's true.

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