Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not so sure what to say tonight... so here's some spew...

I'm not one to just write stuff when I'm not inspired by something. That being said, I'm not sure what to write about. I have some stuff in my head and I'll write about it soon enough, but it's not time for posts which look back while we're still writing our future, you know?

Yet there will be a time soon when change comes, and when we will press pause to pay tribute. When that happens, you can bet I'll let these thoughts flow.

But for now, for tonight, I'm not sure it's the time.

So when in doubt... spew!

I can't believe there are conservatives who would say that straight porn makes straight people gay. I guess when you're desperate you'll say anything, but I can't believe what I saw on the news networks tonight. And they wonder why people have issues with them.

It's quiet tonight. And clean. LOL. It wasn't before they came to do an inspection on the apartment today. LOL.

I have a neighbor who has an apartment just like mine so masterfully decorated that it makes me go WOW every time. Then I come home and wish I could hire a decorator.

I wonder how to get this book I'm writing Kyla published.

I wonder how to get someone to animate it.

Yes, I really am writing a book for my kiddo.

Doing the community affairs show for the station has been a blessing. It's fulfilling to do something which gives back.

I feel it's gonna rain like this for days... so let it rain down and wash everything away...

So many people are reaching out for advice on some things. I'm sure my brother - my family - here in DC is hearing the same sorts of requests. Here's what I'd say...

Come with what makes you you. Don't come with you doing the best of someone elses stuff. Why are YOU who you are? Anyone can do what has been done before, but to truly become who you are to be, you have to reach inside of you and find what it is that twists the world just a bit so that you can make your mark. So do what YOU do, and make noise on that over the ramblings of that which has already been done. Trust me. We've all seen it. In many instances when it comes to this life, we've been the ones who have done it. Imitation is flattery, but I've been blessed to be on the same team with the greatest to do this stuff, and trust me, they are the most individual, unique, innovative personalities who redefine what is to be. That's what you have to be. Someone who creates. Who pioneers. Who has to push the edge to see where it was and who has to be pulled back while creating the amazing. A personality with all the quirks, nuances and baggage that comes with it. A talent who is not the next so and so... but who is in themselves that which will become the stuff of legend.

Big shoes.

I think of Mick Ryder right now. I wonder how this original influence and tutor to me in radio is doing. I think of him often but too often he doesn't get the credit I owe him.

That changes now.

He was the one who I remember playing airchecks for. To get the unbridled and unabashed advice I needed to hear as I went forward.

He's the one who took me along to help install transmitters on some mountain in NJ. The one who taught me an appreciation for what the engineering and processing and whatnot could mean to a station. So many times I've forgotten these things only to be reminded that because of them can we truly be the best we can be. It's funny because he didn't just influence one of us at the station...

... there were two of us. And in some strange way that makes us a legacy.

I hope you're proud, Mick. I'll never forget the jock shout you made out of mine and Kid Kelly's because  I was a rookie who had this problem saying "Kid this and Kid that..."

And I'll never forget your teaching me the ways of Hot Hits. I still think of you when I make those segueways happen now with NexGen.

Funny, I sat down not sure what to say. And I guess I found something worth saying. Anyone can influence your life. Anyone.

You may not recognize it 'til much further down the road. But nonetheless, you'll recognize it.

Especially if it made its mark in you like it did for me in this case.

From Washington, DC...


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