Friday, September 18, 2009

my bucket list...

so far...

take a trip on amtrack
write a children's book for kyla
write a book
follow that book up
serve the universe just one time
travel europe with no car and train tickets and a backpack
have another kid
go to china
go to japan
live like ghandi did
make an impact on our world by giving back
help someone find their way
help someone find their way back
thank my grandmother for all she ever taught me
live in a camper for a week
drive a nascar track in a nascar for a few laps
fly a plane
experience weightlessness
find a real 'someone' who lasts 'no matter what'
hold my grandchild
hold my child
see my child realize her dream
realize the dreams I still don't realize i have

that's it for now...

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