Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Musings on the idea of love...

We can't choose who - or what - we fall in love with. 

All we can do is love, and pray that love can do everything we've been told that love can indeed do.

Pray that it's as powerful as we fundamentally are taught to believe it is. That it can tear down walls. That it can heal. That it can be as patient and kind, keeping no record of wrongs and everything that dogma teaches us as children that it can do.

And in the end, that it does endure. That it perseveres. That it can overcome. That it can cause the spark in a catalyst that unleashes all that life at times demands that it brings. That it's as romantic and as nostalgic and as all consuming as we know it can be while it teaches us lessons that cause us to live a life well lived.

That it's as childlike as we want to believe it can be. That it's as timeless as the classic romance texts tell us it should be. That it really is that something that transcends everything we ever believed it capable of being.

That it's real. 

See, love is uncomplicated when you strip it down to it's core. It's a gift. Something that doesn't require much. Something that can instantly call on life's windex to restore clarity - even when it's been clouded for so long.

It's why we can let ourselves fall hopelessly into it... only to find dismay and heartache, all the while we for some reason let it guide us into finding a way. A way which will teach us new truths about what it -- what love --  is really all about as we wander through the journey guided by what to some might seem to be just an idea.

That it's the one universal which is beyond language and beyond feeling and beyond anything we might find words to assign to it here on this sphere we call earth.

It's that which heals the sick. Restores sight to the blind. Gives hope to the hopeless. Causes the writer to write, and which provides the muse for the artist - any artist - to perform.

It's supernatural.

It's something so unworldly that when we try to decipher it brings us back to to one unshakable truth:

That - like anything we can't fully understand - it is something on par with the divine.

Something from a higher power - whatever you choose that higher power to be.

And because of this, it's not subject to the rules we try to assign to this life.

It's beyond physics because it's not physical.

It's beyond emotion because it's not just something we can feel.

It just... is.

That's what love is.

It is.

And because of it, it doesn't see anything physical and it goes beyond the mental. It's why today my grandmother wears a ring for a man that succumbed to time years ago.

It's timeless.

It's why the idea of a love story written a century ago can be just as potent as one written this morning. 

It's why we cast ourselves into the impossible. With the hope that that glimmer of possibility might just be that stuff which fairy tales come from.

It's why fairy tales we read to our children - as unreal as they may seem - become reality in this ordinary life we live every day.

Love is. Just as life is. 

Live yours... and find love.

Because it's waiting to be found.

Goodnight, world.

From Washington, DC...



  1. Anonymous1:18 AM

    This was beautiful and inspiring to read. I admire you for opening your heart this way and writing this very touching blog. I can't bring myself to do the same. Keep on writing... You have a gift!

  2. Angela7:11 AM

    This post reminds me of what my husband told me once when we were engaged. I was particularly bitchy that day and just horrible to be around. My husband is the most patient man on the planet, but not one so much with the words. Once I started coming out of my nasty mood, I said why do you want to marry such an awful person. He said, after a long pause, "Nothing in this whole world makes any sense to me. When I'm with you, it makes sense." Simple.